Dark Souls 3: Survival Guide

By: M. Spider
Dark Souls 3 like both games before it can be a brutal mistress if not given the respect she deserves. This game has no trouble tearing even series veterans apart. So I’m here to give you the reader some tips and tricks on how to survive the treacherous journey you have embarked upon. (These tips work just as well for Dark Souls 1 and 2 as well)

Don’t panic

Dark Souls 3 is as much a test of skill as it is patience, and because of this combination that is exceedingly rare in the video games of today staying calm and collected is paramount to your survival. If you let yourself get flustered and panicky you will die 9 times out of 10 for a simple mistake that as a calm player may not have happened.

No, seriously, don’t fucking panic

I can’t stress this enough! You panic you will die. Get mad you will die. Get cocky you will die. The biggest secret to this series is to stay calm! I have played and beaten all 3 Dark Souls games and Bloodborne and I am aware of just how difficult it is to keep your cool with these titles, and you will panic and make mistakes just don’t let that be the end. Shut off the game take a brake and come back with a calmness and clarity you can not hope to maintain or achieve during long gameplay sessions. For as much as I love this series I can’t spend more than a couple hours with it on my first play through without some kind of break from them.

Dark Souls 3 is a merciless mistress and will fuck you, given half a chance

Dark Souls 3 will punish every mistake you make. For every mistimed dodge or greedy attack odds are you will be at a disadvantage either leaving you open for an attack, lacking stamina or just outright resulting in your death. Take the time to learn your opponent and there moves set whenever you come across something new and never be afraid to retreat sometimes running is your best bet.


Patience is a virtue and more importantly it will help you get out of a number of sticky situations in Dark Souls 3. Always remember that rushing is asking for death be it by ambush or drawing agro on too many enemies to handle rushing will get you killed. Slow and steady does amazing things to increase your survivability in the souls series.

Dark Souls games are hard

Dark Souls 3 is a hard game and don’t let any of the elitists that say “Dark Souls games are easy” fool you into thinking you won’t find it difficult. These games do get easier the more you play, nothing Dark Souls 3 could throw at me gave me nearly as much trouble as some of the enemies and concepts of the original Dark Souls. I attribute this to the way the games encourage the player to learn from each mistake they make and each defeat they suffer. Through every lesson learned, every defeat, every mistake, and every victory you achieve you are getting better, smarter, and more adaptable to the challenge that are still to come.

Never give up

These games only win when the player admits their own defeat either by never playing again or getting rid of the game entirely. Until that moment you are victorious. Always remember that everything you do brings you closer to victory maybe you lost those souls or used all your items but I am willing to bet you learned something even if you don’t understand what you learned yet. Maybe you got stuck on a boss or can’t get through an area but until you give up you still have a chance. I know these games are rage enduring and infuriating at times but I honestly believe that everyone who has ever picked up a controller can be successful in these titles. It all comes down to Whether you as the player give up and admit that the dark souls games have beaten you.

Good luck

One last tip before I go. Never be ashamed to enjoy some jolly cooperation if you can’t seem to beat a particular boss or area. I used to be very stubborn on my first play through of a Souls game and not utilize the amazing coop tools at your disposal. I have since realized just how useful, informative, and rewarding being summoned to help my fellow undead/unkindled can be. So good luck to all my fellow undead/unkindled and don’t forget to Praise the sun!

It’s retro to me

When most gamers hear retro they think of the NES, SNES, Genesis, or some go even further back and think of the Atari or Calico-Vision. Well, I have played both an Atari and a Calico-Vision, but not while I was a child. Retro to me means the first system I ever owned, the one that made me the gamer I am today, a Playstation.
I did not start playing the old gray rectangle a lot of us came to know and love. I have very fond memories of playing my brother’s Sega Genesis. I was a much bigger fan of Sonic than I ever was of Mario, forgive me. I also enjoyed the Earthworm Jim games quite a bit, who didn’t love the music in those? There were a few others but nothing that really captured my interest at such an early age. Shortly after my Genesis phase, my brother got a Sega Gamegear, complete with the magnifying attachment which only added to the bulky awkwardness of the handheld, if you could even call it that. I had only 2 or 3 cartridges but the one I played the most was Garfield – Caught in the Act. A bit of a strange game, you played as the cat stuck in the TV world.
Above all I remember going with my brother to his friend’s house to hang out, and he had the first Playstation. Those black discs were unlike anything I had ever seen. The first game I played on it shattered my little mind. The game was Machine Head. There are not a lot of people I know who ever played the game, much less heard of it. Basically you were a supermodel connected to a floating gunship of sorts by a computer geek/genius and it was your job to save humanity from some sort of red virus that had infected the planet. It was a fast paced run and gun style of game and it was amazing, but it wasn’t the game that really made me a gamer.
Eventually my brother got his hands on his own Playstation and a handful of games he borrowed from his buddies. Gran turismo, Crash Bandicoot, Medievil, all great games but the one I bought for myself became an iconic part of my early gamer life and its own legend within that era of games. I bought Final Fantasy VII. The visuals were beautiful at the time, we all know the game did not age well. This was the first time I got so involved in a storyline within a video game. The characters resonated with me, the world was so huge compared to anything I had played until that point. To this day it is one of the few games that I have fully completed, somewhere on an old memory card rests my save file with over 200 hours invested in it. I do not even remember how many times I replayed that game. Whenever the characters show up in anything else it makes me feel like that young boy whose breath was taken away the first time he played through the title. Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2 were bigs games for me because of this reason, also two more games I fully completed. This game is the game that made me the gamer I am today. If this game never came into my life I may not have been such a fan of RPGs. Hell, I may not have ever been as into games as I am without it, period.
Retro to me doesn’t have to mean a controller that consisted of one button and a stick, it means whatever feels old to you and that is going to mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. The game that made you a gamer, be it Pokemon, Halo: CE, Final Fantasy, or something no one knows about like Machine Head, you should cherish that game. Thank that game for being there making you the player you are now. Without the systems or games we had as kids none of us would have the passion for the systems and games we have now. Ever notice we play a game and whether we thought it was mediocre or fantastic it doesn’t resonate with us like some of our older games do? Learn to love your roots and never forget where you started and what got you to where you are as a gamer.
Stay safe out there friends, and game on.

Wii U(seless)

Why? Or rather, Wii. Wii U to be exact.

When it comes to game console aesthetics, you’d think Nintendo would be on top of their game, but one major design oversight has left my Wii U with a (mostly) permanent tumor.

You would think, with read/write speeds faster than that of the USB 2.0, and even some USB 3.0 devices, that SD cards would be a great way to store game data and expand on system memory. Especially on a system like the Wii U, which has a pretty insignificant amount of internal storage as it is. With that in mind, and knowing that the Wii U was sporting a sweet SD card slot, ever so neatly tucked away behind a flap on the front of the system, I figured it was time to update.


The Old Form

Previously, I’d been using a pretty hefty USB drive that sticks out like a sore thumb from the front of the system. Ideally, I wanted something that would allow me to expand storage while also NOT looking incredibly dumb.

It was to my dismay, after purchasing a 32GB SD card, to find that apparently the card slot on the Wii U is USELESS for saving game data and downloaded content. Sadly, it hadn’t even crossed my mind to check if I could use the SD slot to store games, since the 3DS has been using microSD and SD cards to store downloaded games for years (and one would think that if a card slot is built into a machine, it is able to be used for data storage).

So, needless to say, the card is useless for my initial purposes, but at least it can still be used for other things. I suppose the only solution now is to find a smaller USB so it doesn’t look so ugly and plug it into one of the ports on the back of the system.


Concern for the future

This realization brings with it a lot of concerns for the future of the Nintendo Switch as well, which has been rumored to support up to 2TB of microSD storage space. What good will 2TB of data do you if you can’t store downloaded games and save data on it? It would  be like having a super awesome display shelf, but you can only use it for photos and all of your collectors sets and action figures have to be crammed into a shoebox or be thrown away.
The hardware is there, perhaps it’s just a matter of a software update, but only time will tell. If Nintendo is able to work out these minor kinks going forward, they’re on track to have one heck of a console.

Xbox Game Pass


Xbox announced yesterday that it will be releasing a Netflix style service for games. The program known as Xbox Game Pass will allow subscribers to download direct to their console and play any of the 100 games on the list. The list will also include backwards compatible 360 games as well.

I think we can all agree that the Games with Gold lineup hasn’t been the best lately, but do not fear! This service already has some top titles in it like Halo 5 and NBA 2K17. Subscribers will also be able to purchase any of the games on the list for a discounted price. Occasionally games will cycle out of the listing, and be replaced by new games, so the library will be ever changing.

Phil Spencer, head of Xbox said the following;

“Today, we’re continuing our commitment to give you more options to diversify and expand your library of games with Xbox Game Pass, a new gaming subscription service coming later this spring. Xbox Game Pass gives you unlimited access to over 100 Xbox One and backward compatible Xbox 360 games – all for $9.99 per month.”

Not a bad price for the possibility of playing some of the best games the Xbox has to offer. The program will be available to all Xbox Insiders soon, and made available to everyone this spring.

Stay safe out there, and game on!

Xbox One to change home button functionality.

Some welcome changes.

Microsoft announced some changes coming to Windows 10 and the Xbox One. One of which is the functionality of the Home button on your controllers. Currently tapping the button brings you to the Xbox Dashboard, and a double tap will open the snap menu.

Well that’s all being reversed. Microsoft hopes it will improve ease of use when it comes to using the game DVR for example, or looking to see which friends are online. Also there will be easier use of the aforementioned DVR, being able to control more right from the snap menu. Cortana is getting some changes along with this update as well, increasing her use on your system.

Not all are happy.

Minor backlash seen on Reddit and a few other sites stated that the home function was great for gamers who are parents and need to do a quick pause of the game on games that don’t pause on their own. Going home sometimes will force these games to pause. Now the double tap will bring you home so it remains to be seen if this will force pause games.

When can I expect these changes?

No word yet on when these updates are coming so when we know, you’ll know.

From your Xboxpert here at Yeahdude Gamers.


Help or Hindrance?

Are online guides hurting gaming?

Lets jump back in time a few years, fifteen years give or take a few. How many times did you get stuck in a game so bad that you had to look for help or ask for it from an older sibling? I know this happened to me more times than I would like to admit. You have  a boss that despite your best efforts is not affected by your attacks. Let’s say you’re in a dungeon and no matter how hard you try, the way out has eluded you. So you decided it’s time to ask mom or dad to take you to the store to pick up a guide book. I know I had my fair share of  these  in a stack on the bookshelf in my room. Mostly for RPG’s and action games, not sure why you would require one for a Need for Speed game.

These books held all of the information you needed to complete the game. All the level layouts, where the enemies are, where all the items are, even the hidden ones. How to focus your efforts on upgrading your characters, and how to acquire those upgrades. Everything you will ever need to know, in a sort of expensive and large book.

Back to the Present.

Welcome back. Let’s say you’re stuck again, except now all you need to do is lookup your point in the game on the internet, or YouTube and watch someone else play it before copying exactly as they do. No more flipping through pages to find the level, stage, or mission you’re on. No more hoping you do as the book has explained without missing anything. Now it’s easier, and thus the game is easier. So no challenges, no mysteries, no difficulties… that doesn’t leave much left does it?

Don’t get me wrong, it’s great having all this information at our fingertips. Are gamers not gaming to their full extent anymore? Have a majority of us given up trying? Are we just looking for the answers before asking any questions? I am just as guilty myself, having just recently looked up some info for Final Fantasy XV before starting a quest. It’s hard not to when you have the power of a wiki in your palm. What harm does it do to look up the way to beat that boss?

Are we the problem or is the web the problem?

I don’t think that the creators of all our wonderful games design things to just be googled or wiki-ed. (look I created a new word!) I am sure they hope that some sort of effort will be put into their games. After all they put in quite a bit of effort into making them for us. Are we as gamers cheating them or ourselves in the end when we just look to the web to find everything for us?

Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Stay safe out there friends, and game on!


Switch is coming!

Our Nintendo Event TL;DR

As many avid gamers already know, Nintendo held a live event tonight (Thursday, January 12). They discussed and revealed some of the big things coming and unveiled some of the mystery behind their new console: Switch. When it comes to Nintendo and innovation, they haven’t had a great track record. That could all change on March 3rd when the Switch launches!

The Joy-Con Controller

With a pleasant mash-up of “joystick” and “controller,” the aptly named Joy-Con for the Switch has some serious versatility! The Joy-Con comes as two pieces that function both together and separately, allowing for single or multi-player games right out of the box. With the famed Nintendo button-cramming technology finally boiled down to a science, both halves of the Joy-Con can function as a stand-alone control pad. Built into the slide-in side of each wafer-sized wonder-stick is its own set of L and R triggers! This allows for each player to not only have four buttons and a joy stick, but two added triggers as well. These buttons disappear when the Joy-Con is connected to the Switch console, however. They hide neatly within the recess of the console.

Did we mention, it also functions as a motion controller? Motion controls of the past, such as the Wiimote and PlayStation Move didn’t even come with both halves of the controller. Gamers would have to buy the “nunchuck” attachment, which ended up attached to the main controller via digital umbilical cord, restricting movement or just feeling like a jump-rope. The Joy-Con allows for completely wireless, joint operation of the two halves, allowing for a more fluid range of motion without the trip hazard!

Oh, and that tiny square button on the Left Joy-Con? Yeah, that’s the Capture/Share button that Nintendo consoles have long been missing in this new generation of social gaming! Sure, the Wii U and 3DS allowed players to share screen shots with the Miiverse, but Nintendo has confirmed that this tiny square savior will allow sharing directly to social media! As of this writing, Nintendo has said that it will only be able to screenshot at first, but that full recording will be available soon. Could this mean the ability to live-broadcast from the Switch as well?

Got butter fingers? Fear not! The Switch also has a Joy-Con wrist strap for each of the halves! Not only will they come in a variety of colors, but they offer a smooth enhancement of each Joy-Con’s independent trigger buttons!

Let’s get ready to rumble!

Rumble packs have been in game controllers for nearly 20 years now and we’ve come a long way since the old days of the N64 Rumble Pack. Companies have been able to design rumble feedback with varying degrees of sensitivity to help enhance game-play. Think of lock-picking in Fallout or Skyrim for example.

Now Nintendo is working to bring the next generation of the rumble controller into our hands. They are calling their new innovation HD Rumble! The tech demo that was shown during their live broadcast claims that the rumble is so precise that a player can experience the FEEL of ice in a cup. Not only the feeling of it moving around, but also how many pieces of ice. Many companies have been working to bring virtual sight and sound to games, but Nintendo has decided to focus on touch. If this tech can do what it claims to do with as much detail as Nintendo says, it will successfully bring a third human sense into the virtual space.

Games? Check!

With a multitude of third-party developers already slated to develop for the Nintendo Switch, there’s no doubt that this console has some serious power behind it! Of course, Nintendo will be releasing its own titles for the console, such as Splatoon 2, Super Mario Odyssey, and Arms.

Here’s a quick list of what was debuted during the event tonight:

  • Xenoblade Chronicles 2
  • Fire Emblem Warriors
  • Dragon Quest 10, 11, and Heroes
  • A New Shin Megami Tensei title
  • Project Octopath Traveler (From Square Enix)
  • The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim (confirmed by Bethesda)
  • EA’s FIFA

No doubt, this is just the beginning for the platform. With titles this big slated even before launch, our hopes are set high for the Switch.

Competitive Edge

Switch offers a few more noteworthy edges over their opponents. With most games being played online these days, many players socialize and play with each other from the comfort of their own home, something that is still possible with the Switch. Switch offers not only Network play, however, but also Local Network play. Like the ability to connect with your friend’s 3DS system when you’re nearby each other, the Switch will allow players to bring their console to a friend’s home and play locally with multiple consoles.

The portability of a hand-held system with the power of a stationary console puts Switch on the cutting edge of the future of gaming. Imagine going to eSports events as a competitor, only having to bring your tablet-sized console instead of a massive PC rig! Imagine being able to have multiple docking stations around your home with the ability to pick up the entire system and move it almost effortlessly from room to room!

Truly, the Switch is something we’ve never seen before in an age of gaming where hardware innovations will help shape the future. Like any product, the success or failure of the Switch will depend entirely on us, the gamers of the world. With a launch price of about $300, it’s clear that Nintendo aims to be as affordable as possible.

What about you?

What features or games are you most excited to see from Nintendo’s Switch? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube for more gaming content!

For more information or to watch trailers for any of the games or features mentioned in this article, check out the Switch website HERE.

Super Retro Boy

Super Retro Boy poster

The dream of the 80’s and 90’s is alive

Those of us that were alive around the advent of home console and handheld gaming no doubt have a love for retro games. We talk about kids growing up these days, how they’ll never understand what it was to play a handheld with an external light to see the screen. They don’t need cables to trade Pokemon. And they may never know of games with better stories than graphics.

Great news Dudes and Lady Dudes, the Super Retro Boy is coming! Made by Retro-bit, a company thriving in making new hardware for classic cartridge games, is releasing a new handheld modeled after the Nintendo Gameboy. The Super Retro Boy boasts a rechargeable battery with a play life of about 10 hours. It has the ability to play Gameboy, Gameboy Color, and Gameboy Advance cartridges, and… wait for it… a back-lit screen! That’s right, there may be no fixing your bad eyesight from those childhood years, but now you can see what it would have been like to play your games with a back-lit screen (unless you already played them on the Gameboy adapter for GameCube… or the Gameboy Advance SP, that is)!

When Can I get one?

The system is rumored to be releasing in August of this year (2017) with a price tag around $80. The design isn’t quite an exact replica of the classic Gameboy, since that would likely land the manufacturer in court with Nintendo, but it does have that satisfying, retro, gray brick look to it. Unfortunately, for those looking to relive the glory days with classic Pokemon games like Red and Blue, we may be left with only a partial experience, as the Super Retro Boy doesn’t appear to have a port for a trade cable. Perhaps it’s something they will build into the system, or perhaps it’s wasn’t deemed that crucial for the system’s success.

Either way, the Super Retro Boy looks like a fun reunion with childhood for many of us. You can see more products from Retro-Bit at their website retro-bit.com and be sure to follow YeahDude on social media for updates and live broadcasts for all your gaming needs!

Assassin’s Creed

Does Aguilar or the film take a dive?

Hollywood does not have the best record when it comes to taking video games and bringing them to the big screen. I am sure I do not need to remind you of the Mortal Kombat movies or the Mario Brothers film. Say what you will about Resident Evil but they are not the best movies out there either in my opinion. So when a new announcement comes out that one of your favorite games is coming to a theater near you, likely the first thing felt is fear. Fear that they will not make the characters what you expect or the story will be poor.

So naturally as a big Assassin’s Creed fan I was excited. I was also very reserved when the announcement was made that a film was being made for arguably one of the most successful video game franchises out there. We all were told early that the story was not going to be part of the same story arc as the games. It was going to be a stand alone film. Well it does this certainly with the characters and the new style of Animus but fans of the games will enjoy all the parallels between the two. The setting is new. The story is startlingly familiar. Per usual the wrist blades are still badass.

The Past.

The scenes that take place in the past are dark and gritty, which is nice because people aren’t supposed to look pristine and clean in the 1400’s. The characters speak their native languages so there is subtitle reading to do. As long as you don’t mind then it does not distract from the action or the story. The parkour scenes are surprisingly well done, with less CGI than I expected and when there is CGI it’s almost hard to tell where exactly it is.

The Present.

The present scenes are done just as nicely. The writing was superb considering the difficulty of changing a game into a different type of media. Some of the acting from a few people was not stellar but you’ll see what I mean if you haven’t already. Overall the film is a joy to see and I cannot wait to see when more will be made. Of course it ended like the games. Wide open for another if they so choose to make one.

So I say go ahead and catch it while you can, it’s worth at least one watch to form your own opinions about it. Let us know what you think about the film below.

Stay safe, and game on my friends. 

Rebirth, a return to greatness?

So back at the start of 2016 DC comics announced the Rebirth event. I figured as a follower of DC I would give it a good amount of time before writing a review on it, so I gave it half the year, the first Rebirth comics released in June. First of all be warned this article will contain spoilers. If you’re interested in reading them yourself you should stop here.

For those of you that don’t already know, back in 2011 the writers in DC started the New 52 event, which made mostly everything that happened before that time irrelevant. It was a way to start fresh and get new people interested in the comics, but unfortunately it upset a lot of long time veterans of DC. They had now wasted all that time and all those years reading stories that now no longer had purpose behind them. A few characters went to the wayside and a few characters had a complete restructure, some good, some not so good. Well Rebirth was aiming to fix all that, by way of a time crisis essentially, which is basically the trump card of the comic book world. Everyone is dead and we need to bring back old characters? Time Crisis! Need to end some story arcs that aren’t going as planned? Time Crisis! New group of writers gets a chance at a character? Time Crisis! Rebirth was going to attempt to take that controversial split in 2011 and make everything that happened before and after that moment sync again.

So let’s get down to the actual review in this article now shall we? Lets jump right to the chase, my personal favorite comic book character is Batman, had been since my childhood. So of course that is where I started the Rebirth event for myself, it helped that he was also in the main Rebirth starter comic also. They made Batman into Batman again essentially, nothing major changed, Damien is still Robin, although he is doing a bit of his own thing now as Robin so instead of getting another one, Batman has a new understudy without a concrete superhero name yet, and he is bright yellow. Also Superman is dead, I warned you about spoilers at the top, so sorry if that comes as a shock to you. But wait! He was essentially just replaced  with the Clark Kent of another universe which was basically the DC universe before 2011. And he has a son as well, who is… you guessed it, Super Boy!. Green Arrow is less of an ass again, he seems to be getting back with Black Canary and he also is wearing the hood more often. The key point to his comics is he does indeed have the goatee again. Good choice DC, good choice. Aquaman is still a badass, much better than that fugitive from Atlantis storyline before Rebirth, instead he is just seen as a terrorist from the United States. Wait… that doesn’t seem to be working in his favor any better that way… And the most important change of all is Nightwing is back and he is blue again! Oh and the Watchmen are filtering back into things with hints constantly being dropped in different stories.

Sorry for the rambling there but a lot is going on in the DCU right now, and all that I mentioned is really just the tip of  the iceberg. There are only a few comics that I have not read since the Rebirth event started, due mostly to time and some lack of interest in certain characters. Overall the universe is a big semi-new place perfect for both newcomers and old timers alike. They have really outdone themselves this time and I am looking forward to the continuation of awesomeness that has been started. If you are looking to get into DC comics, now is a good time.
Keep reading, and stay safe my friends.