Health & Mana

Health & Mana was originally the title of an eZine we released monthly back in 2016 which compiled the writings of several at-the-time YeahDude members. In 2018 Proxy and Annabelle decided to use the title for a podcast discussing their life as a gaming couple.

Annabelle is the graphic designer for YeahDude as well as Proxy’s co-op life partner and the two wanted to find a good way to spend more time together while also making more content for the brand and a podcast seemed like a good way to do so.

Health & Mana the podcast was short-lived as Proxy was taking on far too many projects and the time he and Annabelle were actually able to spend together was quickly shrinking as a result. In the end, they decided it was better to end the podcast for the time being to focus on their life together and actually spending quality time playing games with each other.

Health & Mana the podcast is hosted through Anchor FM and is available wherever you get your podcasts.

If you want to check out the original Health & Mana eZine publication, head on over to our DOWNLOADS page and snag the free PDF!

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