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YeahDude Stream Team

Meet our team of streamers in the YeahDude community! Click on a streamer’s name or picture to view their personal bio page.


Hi, I’m ProxyFox! I’m a variety streamer with a heavy focus on story-driven experiences. I love philosophy and deep discussion. Let’s hang out and enjoy some games together!


Hi, I’m Morgan, but you can call me z3r0threat. I have a bad habit of accidentally beating games on a regular basis (oops). I play mostly FPS and Adventure games, but will play just about anything. Not a fan of cut-scenes. I wanna PLAY my games, dang it, not WATCH them! I’m also the creator of the This Week (in Gaming) podcast where I talk about the latest news in video games each week! Slap on your sassy pants and let’s get to gaming!

Prince Bubbles

Hey there! I’m PrinceBubbles. I like to play a wide range of games and I’m always excited to try new things! I’m a curious person by nature and that tends to extend into the rest of my life. So come say hello if you have a chance. Friends and newcomers alike are welcome. After all, every stranger is a potential new friend!

Mr. Zanky

Howdy ho! I’m a streamer that plays a variety of games. The season or holiday that fits, or vote in my Discord will end up deciding what I play unless there’s something I wanna share with y’all! I will also play couch games with a group sometimes. Getting my viewers involved is one of my favorite things about streaming.


Hey, I’m sunsorceress! I am a very causal gamer. I play a little bit of everything! I love League of Legends and I’m always up to join a game when I have time, even if I’m not the best player. I love sim games like Zoo Tycoon and Stardew Valley as well! I am always up for a chat so feel free to message me in the Yeahdude Discord anytime! I am excited to join the YeahDude team and I look forward to seeing all of you on future streams!


Often streaming 7 Days to Die. Just a girl who loves gaming.


Salt, schemes, sarcasm & streams – StriverraTV. Bringing you games of every genre, new and old, focusing on titles with potential for chat participation and pure meme value.