A/V Underground

A/V Underground is a podcast that Proxy began in early 2018 with former college classmate M.J. Watson (no, not Spiderman’s love interest, sorry). After Watson would come by the YeahDude studio space to record his podcast, Never Made Varsity, they would end up discussing the challenges of getting a project started from scratch and eventually decided “hey, this would be a good topic for a podcast!”

As the year progressed so many great opportunities opened up for the show. Proxy and Watson were able to interview indie and professional game developers, writers, photographers, vloggers, streamers, carpenters, and all sorts of creative folks. Each guest had unique perspectives on their own work, their struggles getting started, and lessons they learned along the way.

After the third season, A/V Underground came to an end (at least for now) as Watson and Proxy went on to pursue other projects. This podcast was created for new creators to get some insight from others in the same position and hopefully you’ll find some useful nuggets in there for yourself.

A/V Underground is hosted through Anchor FM and is available wherever you listen to podcasts.

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