E3 Recap: EA Play

In case you missed the EA Play event at E3 yesterday, or you just need a refresher, here’s a quick recap of the announcements made.

For those interested, IGN put together a quick 5 minute highlight of the event here:

Battlefield V Royale

Battlefield V has been talked almost to death at this point, but there was one more announcement that fans were waiting for. It was confirmed at EA Play, Battlefield V will contain the popular Battle Royale mode. At last the world can see what it’s like to have a meme machine of the highest quality.


Fifa 18 is free to play for a limited time across all platforms, complete with the World Cup. Champions League was announced for Fifa 19.

Game Streaming

EA was running live demos of their streaming service, allowing players to play on any device anywhere, supposedly. It was mentioned that it’s not ready for a full market release as of yet, so we’ll have to wait and see how it goes. With this announcement came Origin Access Premier, a subscription service offering up hundreds of games from EA and other publishers that will launch later this summer. No word yet on pricing, but we will no doubt hear more soon.

Battlefront 2 Still Apologizing

After a wordy “we realize we messed up and would appreciate it if you’d still buy our game anyhow” introduction, EA announced that Battlefront 2 will be diving into the clone wars. I feel a little bad for the guy that had to present this one, he looked nervous having to present an update for the biggest commercial disaster of EA’s recent history.

Unravel Two

For those that haven’t played the original Unravel, I highly recommend it. It’s a side-scrolling puzzle adventure game and it’s absolutely beautiful. Not only was the sequel, Unravel Two announced at EA Play, it became available for purchase the same day. With the addition of multiplayer I couldn’t not pick it up, so be ready for a full review of that as well.

Sea of Solitude

Sea of Solitude is a game centered around the idea that “when humans get too lonely they turn into monsters.” We see that in a literal sense in the trailer. Artistically, this game is reminiscent of games like Rime, Bound, and Journey and if that’s any inclination of what the game will be like, you bet we’ll be picking it up.

Moar Sports

NBA Life 19 and Madden NFL 19 were announced as well. Not much else was said on those titles.

Command and Conquer Rivals

Command and Conquer has returned, this time as a mobile game. We were treated to a battle between nickatnyte and iNcontrol where game mechanics were demonstrated. The game looks to have a lot of potential as a mobile game, but as with everything these days, how EA handles micro-transactions will depend on this games success. Rivals is out now on Android devices and will soon be coming to iPhone. This is another title we couldn’t help but download, so expect a review of that coming soon as well.


Let’s be honest, aside from Battlefield V, this is why most of us were watching EA Play. We got a chance to learn a bit about the four Javelin types (essentially classes) in the game: Colossus, Storm, Ranger, and the Interceptor. The team got into a bit of the “our world, my story” idea behind Anthem as well. The game will function like an MMO while you’re out in the world, with all players experiencing the world, weather, etc. However, each player’s home base will be their own private instance, which makes sense for anyone who’s ever tried to get anything done in a main town in an MMO before. Releasing in February of 2019, we can’t wait to get into Anthem.

Wrap Up

Overall, it was a great event and worth checking out if any of these games sounds interesting to you. Thanks for stopping by and stick with YeahDude for all of our honest opinions, reviews, and news. Check out the full conference here:

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