My life as an NPC [Prologue]

In life, everyone is the hero of their own story


Although I am writing this series with gamers in mind, I realize that some non-gamers may come here as well. With that in mind, I’ll be linking gamer-specific terms to a glossary page for those that need a definition. You can find the glossary and definitions HERE if you’d like it open from the start. I will be updating the terms used as the series goes on, so be sure to check back if a new term pops up that you aren’t familiar with.

Game Version:

This blog has been modified from its original version. It has been formatted to fit this screen.

Level 1

Have you ever been walking along and someone in passing says “what’s going on,” “how’s it going,” or something similar? Like, what do you even say to that? I mean, usually just “nothing much” or “not too bad.” What the hell kind of answer is that and why was that my first reaction? This was when I first started to become concerned that, perhaps, I was an NPC. What else could account for an automated response like that? Since that thought crossed my mind I’ve been keeping my eyes open for adventurers heading my way, hoping to off-load all of their useless junk on me. I’m far too broke for that, anyhow. All this time, I had considered myself the main character of my story – the protagonist. Though, I suppose that’s because in movies and games, the main character is usually the one you spend the most time with, and who do I spend more time with than myself… right? No doubt, we’re all side characters in someone’s story, but does that mean I am to resign myself to automated responses, into and out of interactions as quickly as possible?

There has to be a better response, and, perhaps, if I can find one, I’ll be able to change my response, change my programming, become the main character. After all, if I can choose to change my pre-programed response, that should prove I’m no NPC… shouldn’t it? Well, yes and no. Along my journey I hope to discover a lot about what makes players unique, some NPC traits we ALL experience, and some scary behind-the-curtain thinking that could potentially ruin your happy little existence. Of course, this is an adventure, not a thesis paper, so there will be plenty of stories along the way, telling of my adventures across all the games I experience, including this one (life).

If you’re along for the ride, welcome! I hope you can find something relatable, something helpful, and something disturbing along the way. Come along with an open mind and empty emotional backpack (you never start a journey with a full inventory, that’s adventurer rule number one). Open yourself up to new ideas, viewpoints, and even play styles. This is my life as an NPC.

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