My Life as an NPC [03: Global Event Update]

In the version 20.03.XX update of The World we were introduced to a new Global Event; a violent infection that spread like crazy and became very hard to contain. This update has changed the way in which player characters and NPCs interact in drastic ways, sometimes even turning violent. 

Fran from Final Fantasy XII (Square Enix 2006)

We’ve all seen player characters using what I would refer to as the “female avatar armor paradox” in which less covering provides higher defense stats. Whether transmogged or otherwise, I think we are all familiar with that female warrior wearing essentially a leather and chain mail bikini into battle and emerging without a scratch (somehow). Sadly, this same PC tactic appears to be getting used on defense items for this new event.

The world still needs to function, players and NPC’s alike still have needs, resources still need to be shifted around, but all too often I see players brushing it off as if the update was optional. I admit and agree, it’s not ideal and the game-play in this event is trash. Though I personally like the rogue aesthetic that a mask provides, I can understand those that play barbarian, warrior, paladin, mage, etc… not having a good time with a bit of cloth over their war cry/spell-casting hole.

Well, I suppose this is getting to be more “My rant as an NPC,” but all I ask is that you please remember that there are NPC’s out there that work hard to keep things going. They may not be gung-ho to ask that you equip your event item in their shop, but when it comes down to it, we just want to keep ourselves and the player characters safe. 

Healer classes are getting overwhelmed by this event. Healers are a role that’s difficult and grueling to level up in and often blamed when things go wrong. “It wasn’t because I was pulling aggro from the tank when I should have been focused on DPS, it’s because our HEALER WASN’T HEALING ME,” right? Keep in mind how much more annoying it is to approach high-level dungeons and progress in the game without a healer in your party.

Keep your event items handy and equip them as needed. I don’t know if the devs have planned a story path along a darker timeline if we fail to survive this one and, frankly, I miss the open world we used to share. 

May you all stay safe as we work through this event together, and thank you to everyone that has done what they can to help clear this level.