Unplugged: Welcome to my world

By DarkWave
There are plenty of sandbox games out there that give the player immense levels of creative freedom but sometimes that just isn’t enough. Sometimes with that need to create comes a need to tell a story. If that sounds like you then you might have what it takes to run a table top role playing game. The individual running the game can be called many different things depending on the game you are playing. For the sake of simplicity we will be using the term GM which is short for Game Master.

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It’s retro to me

When most gamers hear retro they think of the NES, SNES, Genesis, or some go even further back and think of the Atari or Calico-Vision. Well, I have played both an Atari and a Calico-Vision, but not while I was a child. Retro to me means the first system I ever owned, the one that made me the gamer I am today, a Playstation.

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Xbox Game Pass


Xbox announced yesterday that it will be releasing a Netflix style service for games. The program known as Xbox Game Pass will allow subscribers to download direct to their console and play any of the 100 games on the list. The list will also include backwards compatible 360 games as well.

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Switch is coming!

Our Nintendo Event TL;DR

As many avid gamers already know, Nintendo held a live event tonight (Thursday, January 12). They discussed and revealed some of the big things coming and unveiled some of the mystery behind their new console: Switch. When it comes to Nintendo and innovation, they haven’t had a great track record. That could all change on March 3rd when the Switch launches!

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