Shure SRH840 Studio Headphones Product Review

Not everybody needs studio headphones. Hell, I sure don’t, but I was fortunate enough to be gifted a pair gotten at a discount price. I would have been a fool not to put them to good use, and put them to good use I have. Let’s find out if you should get these bad boys for your own setup, and keep things short and simple while we’re at it. Spoiler alert:

They’re pretty good.

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E3 2018 – The Whos, The Wheres, and the Whys


E3 2018 has been a topic of excitement since E3 2017 wrapped.

There’s a lot to keep track of when it comes to E3 – there are so many companies, publishers, and developers who are all going to be displaying showcases at various times of day and night, from June 9 until June 12.

Well, YeahDude is here to make it easy on you. Here’s a comprehensive list of everybody who’s going to be at E3, when, and where you’ll be able to find their streams. And don’t worry – it’s in proper date order.

EA: Saturday, June 9 | 11AM PT/2PM ET | Twitch / Youtube
Microsoft/Xbox: Sunday, June 10 | 1PM PT/4PM ET | Twitch / Youtube
Bethesda: Sunday, June 10 | 6:30PM PT/9:30PM ET | Twitch / Youtube
SquareEnix: Monday, June 11 | 10AM PT/1PM ET | Twitch / Youtube
Ubisoft: Monday, June 11 | 1PM PT/4PM ET | Twitch / Youtube
PC Gamer: Monday, June 11 | 3PM PT/6PM ET | Twitch / Youtube
Sony: Monday, June 11 | 6PM PT/9PM ET | Twitch / Youtube / Playstation
Nintendo: Tuesday, June 12 | 9AM PT/12PM ET | Twitch / Youtube

Here’s a handy website where you can convert time zones to find out when these streams are occurring for you.

E3 will also be streaming and sharing information to Twitch, Youtube, Facebook and Twitter.

There is a ton of speculation, since no one truly knows what’ll be revealed at E3 2018.

We know Sony will most likely discuss The Last of Us Part II and Death Stranding. EA will likely spoonfeed its audience another Sims game or yet another expensive DLC. Bethesda has many pots holding many soups, with fans expecting the announcement of the 6th Elder Scrolls game, or a Fallout 5.

We won’t know until it happens.

While you’re here, check out our podcast, This Week in Gaming, where we do occasionally speculate for ourselves. Or check out some of the articles we’ve written recently, like this article about Deadpool (spoiler alert!) or the very cool Elite Dangerous review… just because.

Elite Dangerous Review: Commander’s Log [Part 1]

Scoring a game like Elite Dangerous out of ten is nigh impossible. It’s one of the most subjective games out there right now, but for several thousand players it’s still a go-to after almost 4 years. With “mixed” reviews on Steam sitting at 68%, why is it so polarizing? Let’s take a look in a general overview why it’s loved by some and not so much by others.

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