Zack Snyder stepping back from JL

A family in need of healing.

Zack Snyder is stepping back from Justice League and letting Joss Whedon take the reins for now to allow him time with his children after the suicide of his daughter.

Most details are being kept private for obvious reasons but Zack wanted to let the masses know why he was doing this. He stated that he knew stories would pop up on the internet if he didn’t give an explanation and at this point he doesn’t care anymore what is said because the healing of his other children, his wife, and himself are more important.

This is as good a time as any for anyone reading this to know that if someone you know is struggling, reach out and help them. Sometimes all they need is a shoulder to lean on, a hand to help them up, or an ear to express their troubles to. You could make the difference they need.

I think all of us looking forward to the movie can agree this is much more important than continuing to direct the movie right now for Zack. Instead of bickering about who should be directing it or what should happen let’s keep Zack and his family in our thoughts.

Be safe out there friends.