Wii U(seless)

Why? Or rather, Wii. Wii U to be exact.

When it comes to game console aesthetics, you’d think Nintendo would be on top of their game, but one major design oversight has left my Wii U with a (mostly) permanent tumor.

You would think, with read/write speeds faster than that of the USB 2.0, and even some USB 3.0 devices, that SD cards would be a great way to store game data and expand on system memory. Especially on a system like the Wii U, which has a pretty insignificant amount of internal storage as it is. With that in mind, and knowing that the Wii U was sporting a sweet SD card slot, ever so neatly tucked away behind a flap on the front of the system, I figured it was time to update.


The Old Form

Previously, I’d been using a pretty hefty USB drive that sticks out like a sore thumb from the front of the system. Ideally, I wanted something that would allow me to expand storage while also NOT looking incredibly dumb.

It was to my dismay, after purchasing a 32GB SD card, to find that apparently the card slot on the Wii U is USELESS for saving game data and downloaded content. Sadly, it hadn’t even crossed my mind to check if I could use the SD slot to store games, since the 3DS has been using microSD and SD cards to store downloaded games for years (and one would think that if a card slot is built into a machine, it is able to be used for data storage).

So, needless to say, the card is useless for my initial purposes, but at least it can still be used for other things. I suppose the only solution now is to find a smaller USB so it doesn’t look so ugly and plug it into one of the ports on the back of the system.


Concern for the future

This realization brings with it a lot of concerns for the future of the Nintendo Switch as well, which has been rumored to support up to 2TB of microSD storage space. What good will 2TB of data do you if you can’t store downloaded games and save data on it? It would  be like having a super awesome display shelf, but you can only use it for photos and all of your collectors sets and action figures have to be crammed into a shoebox or be thrown away.
The hardware is there, perhaps it’s just a matter of a software update, but only time will tell. If Nintendo is able to work out these minor kinks going forward, they’re on track to have one heck of a console.