Stop Slacking and be a Machamp

How often do you wish you could have the body of Kratos? Maybe with more of a tan and with less facial paint or tattoos, but those abs… right? Or have you ever looked at Marcus Fenix and thought to yourself “Wow he definitely never skips leg day…” Anyone ever looked at Zero Suit Samus and wish they looked that good in a one piece jumpsuit? Perhaps you’ve thought of hitting a gym… no wrong kind of gym you don’t get a badge for this one. You think Mario ever looks at his brother Green Mario and wishes he was maybe a little taller and thinner like him?

We all love to hate ourselves, some of us want to improve what we don’t like, some are happy with where they are and that’s ok to. Some of us want to improve our social life, get more friends, get closer with friends, hang out with people more. Some aspire to be nicer to everyone around them because what goes around comes back around right? Many wish they could have a better body than what they do, some work hard at it, some think they are working hard at it, and others fail and get discouraged and give up on themselves, often more than once. That last one is me, I have completed the first month or two of a handful of 60 or 90 day workout programs without fully completing any of them. I see results, but I grow complacent, or get busy. My continuity has issues that are arduous to change. I make excuses for myself, I skipped a day because the kids were too crazy. I need to skip today because I am working extra hours, or I woke up late. No matter your reason when it comes to skipping out on exercise it is nothing more than an excuse. Short of something really catastrophic happening to you, there is always time to work out, trust me I know.

Now we all love to play games, otherwise you likely would not be reading this magazine correct? So trust me I know how hard it is to put down the controller when you have spare time and pick up some free weights instead. So this is where we compromise, this is where we make it fun for people like us. There are a few great websites out there for geeks like us that want to get in shape, look ‘em up. One I like in particular is Keep a positive attitude, do not think about it like work, you have to enjoy what you are doing to keep at it every day or it gets monotonous quickly. Bettering yourself in any way is hard work, changing yourself is a task not to be taken lightly, especially improvements to your body. Once you get to where you want it’s not as simple as staying that way with no effort, it is a chore simply to maintain. You aren’t working out, you are leveling up. You are gaining experience and increasing your stats. You’re becoming the best there ever was. RPG players will find that they will get into the swing of this much easier than others when thinking in these terms.

The next thing I can say that will help you, which a lot of us are resistant to is the diet you eat. I do not mean going on a “diet” because those do not work. I mean literally just paying attention to what you eat. Each person is going to have to tweak the best content for them so it works the best for what they want. I firmly stand by the low-no carb diet for the loss of weight, and a good balance of carbs and protein for those who want to gain. I know how easy it is to grab a bag of chips, or pizza rolls, or pizza itself when it comes to gaming. But think about how much less grease will be on your controllers when you’re eating baked chicken on a bed of salad, a whole heck of a lot less hand wiping will be done. Take time to plan out your meals, cook for yourself for the week if you can afford it and keep it stored until consumption, it is definitely an undertaking but worth it in the long run.

The last thing I can say and probably the biggest challenge and the most important is you need a support system. Whether that be a close group of friends, a significant other, or maybe a group of people you know well online. You need the positive support of those around you when you start changing, you don’t want anyone mashing the “B” button when you start to evolve, stopping you in your tracks. Ignore those “B” button pushers, you want the evolution to take place, you’ll be better off and much happier when it does happen.

We need to remember to focus on the most important character we will ever play, ourselves. We only get one shot at this game, so we might as well make it the best playthrough ever, right? Find some time, make some time, or take some time for yourself and your health and you’ll end up being able to leap into hay bales from skyscrapers and not get injured too… maybe…
Stay safe out there friends, and game on.