Social Juggernaut, Facebook announces Gaming Live Streaming service to compete with Twitch.

By: ProxyFox

Facebook announced recently that they will be launching a new Live Streaming video service for gamers, but what does that mean for us?

In the video posted to the Facebook Games Facebook page, we see a lot of streamers that are very excited to be participating in this new video platform at its inception. They throw around a lot of buzz words for young, hungry content creators and gamers. Things like “getting in on the ground floor,” “we are experiencing the beginning,” etc.

As someone who is passionate about live streaming, I can see the appeal of streaming directly on Facebook, so I wanted to delve into some of the pros and cons, in my opinion, to give you something to think about.


Built-in Audience

With Facebook as a platform, the new streaming service promises an audience that is already there. Boasting more than 2 billion monthly active users, Facebook is certainly a viable platform for the service.


Whether you have a brand or you are your brand, managing a plethora of social media platforms can be a daunting task in itself. The new platform would allow you to simplify by keeping your audience, responses, and content all in one place: Facebook.


You may not be a priority

A New York Times article from earlier this month went into detail about Facebook’s intent to restructure the news feed to focus on family and friend oriented content while “de-emphasizing content from publishers and brands.” Those that operate Facebook Pages already know what a struggle (and an expensive one at that) it can be to get your posts seen, even by people that FOLLOW your page.  Sure, Facebook has a massive user base, but only a percentage of that user base is likely to be involved with the new platform.

With services like Twitch, a platform already established and built with gamers as their focal point, streamers aren’t fighting against more personal content to be seen. You don’t have to worry about having grandma’s cat photos or your cousin’s rant about her stupid class mates compete with your content for views on Twitch.

Content Monopoly

Facebook already owns not only their own platform, but Instagram, WhatsApp, tbh and Oculus as well. Over the past few years, they have integrated a Craigslist style marketplace service, the ability to post and search for job opportunities, and the ability to send and receive money through messenger. Not to mention the millions likely using the Facebook Messenger app over conventional text messaging (at this point, why do we even pay cell networks?). It’s worth considering how much of your content you want to put into the hands of Facebook.


Overall, the platform isn’t a terrible idea. It’s bound to see some streamers, both new and seasoned, grab hold and ride it to the top. It seems a little unfair to pull users in with the promise of a partnership program, but with the recent YouTube debacle and everyone feeling salty about the way they’re treating new content creators, it’s a sure-fire way to pull in a user base.

Do I think it will give Twitch a run for their money? No. Twitch has been well established and is evolving rapidly with the user base to serve the needs of those that make the platform what it is: gamers and creators. I’m sure we’ll see the launch of the platform pull on a lot of users that want to make a name for themselves on the new platform, but overall, Twitch is still where my heart belongs.

To those looking to get in on the new platform: what are you most excited about? What’s the draw for you? And do you think the new platform has potential to succeed?

I’d love to hear your opinions in the comments below.

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