Rebirth, a return to greatness?

So back at the start of 2016 DC comics announced the Rebirth event. I figured as a follower of DC I would give it a good amount of time before writing a review on it, so I gave it half the year, the first Rebirth comics released in June. First of all be warned this article will contain spoilers. If you’re interested in reading them yourself you should stop here.

For those of you that don’t already know, back in 2011 the writers in DC started the New 52 event, which made mostly everything that happened before that time irrelevant. It was a way to start fresh and get new people interested in the comics, but unfortunately it upset a lot of long time veterans of DC. They had now wasted all that time and all those years reading stories that now no longer had purpose behind them. A few characters went to the wayside and a few characters had a complete restructure, some good, some not so good. Well Rebirth was aiming to fix all that, by way of a time crisis essentially, which is basically the trump card of the comic book world. Everyone is dead and we need to bring back old characters? Time Crisis! Need to end some story arcs that aren’t going as planned? Time Crisis! New group of writers gets a chance at a character? Time Crisis! Rebirth was going to attempt to take that controversial split in 2011 and make everything that happened before and after that moment sync again.

So let’s get down to the actual review in this article now shall we? Lets jump right to the chase, my personal favorite comic book character is Batman, had been since my childhood. So of course that is where I started the Rebirth event for myself, it helped that he was also in the main Rebirth starter comic also. They made Batman into Batman again essentially, nothing major changed, Damien is still Robin, although he is doing a bit of his own thing now as Robin so instead of getting another one, Batman has a new understudy without a concrete superhero name yet, and he is bright yellow. Also Superman is dead, I warned you about spoilers at the top, so sorry if that comes as a shock to you. But wait! He was essentially just replaced  with the Clark Kent of another universe which was basically the DC universe before 2011. And he has a son as well, who is… you guessed it, Super Boy!. Green Arrow is less of an ass again, he seems to be getting back with Black Canary and he also is wearing the hood more often. The key point to his comics is he does indeed have the goatee again. Good choice DC, good choice. Aquaman is still a badass, much better than that fugitive from Atlantis storyline before Rebirth, instead he is just seen as a terrorist from the United States. Wait… that doesn’t seem to be working in his favor any better that way… And the most important change of all is Nightwing is back and he is blue again! Oh and the Watchmen are filtering back into things with hints constantly being dropped in different stories.

Sorry for the rambling there but a lot is going on in the DCU right now, and all that I mentioned is really just the tip of  the iceberg. There are only a few comics that I have not read since the Rebirth event started, due mostly to time and some lack of interest in certain characters. Overall the universe is a big semi-new place perfect for both newcomers and old timers alike. They have really outdone themselves this time and I am looking forward to the continuation of awesomeness that has been started. If you are looking to get into DC comics, now is a good time.
Keep reading, and stay safe my friends.