Not the Loser you thought He was.

“You know how to talk to fish right?”

Anyone who knows anything about comics, especially DC, knows that the laughing stock of the Justice League lineup is Aquaman. The man who can talk to fish right? Well, not quite. With the upcoming JL movie on the way later this year I figured I would give a quick recap of the man and his feats.

Anyone who has seen the trailers for JL has witnessed the scene where Bruce Wayne mentions to Aquaman (Arthur Curry) that he hears he can talk to fish. This has been an ongoing joke both inside and outside of the comics. Can he communicate with fish? Yes, to an extent but he can’t carry on a conversation with a goldfish or a beta anymore than you or I can. His connection to sea life is telepathic, he can know what the fish is thinking and let the fish know what  he is thinking and nudge them to do certain things. He is the king of the sea realm, fish and other life respect that even when other Atlanteans don’t.

So he gets fish to help the League?

Arthur ordering fish’n’chips at his favorite restaurant.

So many people ask what good is he when the League has the likes of Superman and the intelligence of Batman. Well all Atlanteans are stronger, faster, and more resilient than your average human. Because Arthur is half human and half Atlantean he is stronger than even the average Atlantean. This makes Arthur  not only Super-Human but also Super-Atlantean. He has strength than can keep him going toe to toe with Superman, he has on a few occasions when defending his  beliefs or his people. He also does not share the weakness of the Atlantean’s of needing to be in water most of their lives.

As far as weaknesses he has very few, he has no natural weakness to magic or a green rock like some other superhero we all know. His major weakness would be his attachment to Mera, his girlfriend and current ruler of Atlantis by his side. If she is in danger he becomes a bit reckless.

So he has a pitchfork?

He carries with him almost everywhere the Trident of Neptune. Created by Atlan the first king of Atlantis. It is held as a symbol of his royal heritage and title of King of  the Seas. It is also a formidable weapon against any foe, he once used it to pierce the chest of Darkseid himself. Aquaman has also been given a weapon temporarily by Poseidon, one of the Gods from the world of Wonder Woman. This particular Trident gave Arthur the ability to control certain weather, and throw lightning. This weapon also gave Arthur the blessing of unaided flight. Unfortunately this was only for a short time, and Arthur sacrificed the weapon to save not just our world, but another which was invading ours through the means of magic.

Movie vs. Comics

So in all of his comics the normal Aquaman is blonde, and always has been. His hair length has changed, and that is about it. He did have a beard once but it was the same color as his hair. He also is a muscular person but he has never had the build of Jason Momoa, the actor portraying him in the upcoming films of the DCEU. As per usual, the movies are making things how they see fit and we get to deal with it. It is hard for any DC fan or otherwise to complain when the head writer of DC, Geoff Johns is involved in all of the films.

The trident has been seen in the film previews, and they did a really good job making it look accurate to the comics.

Jason with the Trident.

As you can see above the trident isn’t much of a trident when it has 5 points but it has been drawn like that for some time now.

Arthur also has traditionally worn the orange Atlantean royal armor and his signature green pants. We can see an orange bracer and shoulder armor of some kind on Jason, but he shows a considerable amount of skin compared to his comic counterpart.

What to expect

As far as what to expect when it comes to the movie we will all have to wait and see. I am very hopeful that the movie will do well, I enjoyed Batman vs. Superman, and I am looking forward to Wonder Woman as well. Here’s to hoping that the movie will do well, and the characters will be true for the most part to their written companions.

Stay safe out there friends, and game on, read on, and enjoy the movies.