Microsoft to title next console “Playstation 5”

When it comes to launching a successful gaming platform, the name can make or break a potential buyers first impression. That’s why Microsoft has decided to move forward with a name they think will be all the rage in the next generation of gaming: Playstation 5.

“Let’s face it, Sony was on to something with their ‘chronological numbering’ of their consoles.” Mr. Xbox, head of Microsoft Games Division said, “Personally, we stand by Nintendo in making systems with a naming convention that can confuse the average gamer and infuriate parents attempting to shop for their children. That’s why we’ve decided to make things as confusing as possible by taking the name for, what would be, Sony’s next big system release.”

Playstation may be forced to join the unconventional naming schemes of Nintendo and Microsoft soon, but let’s face it, when you number consoles as “Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One” where do you really go from there?

At least we can all still understand the difference between a 3DS XL and a New 3DS XL when compared to the 2DS and New 2DS XL, right? Wait… which one was shaped like a hatchet?…