God of War Photo Mode is here!

At long last, with the update to patch 1.20, players of God of War now have access to photo mode! Time to break out those award winning smiles and prepare for the best school photo you’ve ever taken. We spent some time messing about with photo mode and thought it would be fun to share our results with you. Enjoy.

Atreus posing for his class picture
Hey, Kratos, can you do a Popeye impression?

Photo mode allows you to mess around with the depth of field, film grain, f-stop, adding a frame, logo, and of course, add filters. There’s a lot to play around with for sure, including the ability to change facial expressions.

Boy! Could you take this SERIOUSLY?
I can’t believe I took this shot either!

Of course, if you time things just right, you can get some EPIC shots as well!

Father/son quality time
Same pose as above, but with Atreus removed to focus on Kratos

It was a lot of fun messing around with the new photo mode. You’re a bit restricted, however. The camera won’t stray far from Kratos and that can sometimes feel painfully restricting. There are some areas where the camera can’t move at all, namely any of those short, cut scene bits where Kratos is prying open a door, or lifting a gate, or, well, cut scenes.

Overall, this was a fun addition to the game and made for a fun afternoon of photo ops. As a bonus, we had Atreus give Kratos his first smart phone. You think he’s got selfies down yet?

Kratos’ first smartphone. Rockin’ the selfie!