Ghost Recon Wildlands: A look at the HUGE team shooter.

The open world concept in gaming has become a staple in the industry. There are so many games attempting the open world idea that it is hard to keep count honestly. Well, Ubisoft decided to take Tom Clancy to Bolivia and to the open world environment with Ghost Recon Wildlands. The game is a massive military shooter, focusing on having a group of friends to play with and accomplish taking out the drug cartel currently controlling the small country.



So the game unfortunately only scores a 1.0/2.0. The shooting mechanics are fantastic first of all. There is a flawless transition from looking down the sights to looking over the shoulder with a simple click of the right joystick. You get a plethora of guns to choose from. And when I say plethora what I should say is a metric sh*t-ton! You also get a decent arsenal of secondary weapons such as grenades, mines, and C4.

One of many sniper rifles.

You get a cool drone too. It is great to be able to hover that above an enemy settlement or military base and tag the guys so you know where they are and where they are moving. You can do this same thing with your set of binoculars.

There is an RPG element to the game as well. With each objective completed or skill point found you can upgrade your character in numerous ways. Anything from the amount of ammo you carry, how resilient you and your team are the bullets, how effective your drone is, to even unlocking new weapons and equipment like night vision and thermal vision.

The issue with the gameplay is the utter lack of interaction with the environment and the people. You can shoot the bad guys with a silencer, you can even sneak up behind them, sort of, and knock them out but what happens when someone else sees the body? They become alarmed, that’s what happens. It is incredibly frustrating you cannot interact with corpses to move them, especially considering you can do just that in pretty much any other Ubisoft game like Assassin’s Creed or Splinter Cell.


The audio in the game is to be expected, it is a shooter. It gets a 1.5/2.0 overall. The voices are decent, there are no issues with those, but there isn’t much of a story so don’t get to excited for any conveyed emotion in this game. The music I don’t really notice unless I’m in a vehicle and its the local radio station, which means its old style Hispanic music. (sorry that’s the best description I can come up with) So it is twangy guitar and high pitched little dudes singing in some sort of Spanish language. When the music is not playing you listen to slightly repetitive messages from the radio jockey about how great the drug cartel is.

The shining example of the audio is best to be truly experienced with a headset. With a headset you hear the environment around you as you lay in the grass unseen, the road to your far left, the water to your right. You hear the footsteps of the civilians walking near you. And when you pull the trigger of your un-silenced sniper rifle the deafening blast really echoes and sends people running. It is a very satisfying feeling.


Good lighting effects in the jungle area.

Graphics gets a 0.5/1.0. The character creation menu when you start the game looks good. The environment looks great, especially when you are standing on a ridge and looking out over a large area. The guns look good, and they have a decent amount of customization as well. The weather effects, which is pretty much only rain, look good and effectively make it much harder to see. Night time also makes it hard to see obviously, making night vision a valuable ability.

The only issue I have with the graphics would be the very little interaction with the plants around you, other than that the plants look great too. Only the largest of trees stop a vehicle or person, otherwise you drive or walk right through them.


Well unfortunately this isn’t a game like Gears of War or Uncharted where they have shooting elements but are amazing stories. This game is designed to be a shooter and that is it. So it gets a 0/2.0. There is a little story, the opening sequence explains how an undercover agent within the cartel was discovered and killed. It is your job to dismantle the organization person by person until you get to the main guy, not much more to it than that.

Ghost Recon Wildlands gets a 3.0/7.0 in our G.A.G.S. rating system.


The game gets a low score with us, and gets a low score with a lot of other reviews. But let me finish by saying if you enjoy shooters, and you enjoy playing those games with friends then this game is great for you. I know I am getting a lot out of it and I am playing mostly solo. It is worth trying at least, to see what you think.

Stay safe friends, and game on!