What you didn’t know about your Playstation 3 could shock you!

In light of the recent Playstation 2 discoveries we wanted to share some more console secrets with you!

In a recent update to the Playstation 3 software (just a mere 5 years ago), every PS3 console can now play Playstation 1 games! That’s right, break out those classic PS1 discs and give it a whirl. When we found out, you bet we tossed Final Fantasy VII in for some good nostalgic fun.

Unfortunately, we are informed that, although the ability to play PS1 games only required a software update, in order to play PS2 games the console would need some hardware changes. That’s why there was a limited release of “backward compatible” consoles when the Playstation 3 launched.

Although you’ll still need a PS2 to enjoy those second generation Sony games, it’s nice to know that the PS3 can take you back to the good old days. A time before micro transactions, before DLC,  and before online multiplayer and trophies! Those were better times, right?…