Mario and Apple: The future of mobile gaming?


ProxyFox | Sept 8, 2016

Since the early days of flip phones and T9 texting there have been games built in to many consumer cell phones. As our phones get more powerful, and the screens get larger, gaming is becoming a bigger and bigger part of the mobile marketplace. At Apple’s special event yesterday Shigeru Miyamoto announced the partnership of Nintendo with tech giant Apple to produce a new, Nintendo created moblie game: Mario Run.

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Living in the Past

A gamer always wants to be on top of the mountain of never ending new products that are constantly thrown at them. New systems, new games, new accessories for said systems, new versions of new systems, it’s tiring when you look at the big picture. When a gamer gets a new system for example they begin to plan out the next few purchases, which game are they going to get first?

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YeahDude Gamers and Extra Life

YeahDude Gamers Flyer

Hello everyone! ProxyFox here with another update for you! It’s been almost a month now since school started up full time and I’ve been learning a lot of new things when it comes to video production and mass media. Recently my mass media class has felt more like “Video Games 101” because so much of our modern media can be found in games. The rich storytelling, player choice, interactivity, and not to mention the great industry that gaming has created are just a few of the topics we’ve covered so far. As part of a project a week back we formed groups and each covered different aspects of the video game industry and one group greatly inspired me!

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A custom logo for YeahDude Gamers is complete!

YeahDude Gamers Logo
YeahDude Gamers Logo
YeahDude Gamers Logo

Being the new kids on the block has been a massive learning experience, one that we hope will continue as long as we keep being a part of the community. As part of making our page feel more like home and a bit more professional, we have commissioned Annabelle Webb, a new graphic design student, to create our logo. It’s the first step in making our channel what we want it to be and will allow us to brand our content. More updates to come soon, stay with us and game on!