Angry parents demand that Mario be ported to XBox

In an effort to avoid confusion while shopping for the gamers in their lives, a band of non-gamer parents has come together to push Mario onto the XBox One.

“What do you mean you only have Mario for the Nintendo?” comes the cry of frustrated parents across the nation as they contemplate whether or not the GameStop employee is just messing with them. Ever since parents started buying their pre-teens the fancy new XBox to play those “Cod” games, shopping for new games has become difficult.

“I know that my Johnny loves that fishing game ‘Cod,’ but I don’t understand why they don’t have Mario for his Xbox. All we want is more good family-friendly games in our home.” One grandparent told reporters.

As a result of the confusion, parents are putting together a petition to bring Mario cross-platform so they don’t have to feel foolish any more. To sign this petition, simply stand outside of your home and shout “Nintendo! Let my Mario go!” into the heavens.

In un-related news, the number of parents confused as to how their child got a violent, M-rated game continues to rise.