5 Awesome God of War videos you HAVE to see

God of War (4) is officially out today! Whether you weren’t able to get your hands on a copy right away (we know how that adult life can be sometimes), or you just need to give your hands a rest, here’s 5 simply awesome God of War videos you should check out!

1. The God of War story so far

This video from PlayStation Grenade covers the entire timeline of Kratos over the five games released so far. It’s well put together, well told, and well organized.

2. God of War Epic Rap

If you know Dan Bull, you know EXACTLY what to expect here: some epic fast rapping and brilliantly crafted lyrics. What a great song!


3. Man at Arms: Reforged makes Kratos’ Axe

Man at Arms is an amazing series where real blacksmiths recreate popular video game or pop culture weapons, and this time they’re working on the axe from the new God of War.

4. Elders Play God of War 3

If you’ve ever wanted to see how previous generations would react to such an over-the-top game, now’s your chance!

5. Cooking with Kratoes, the God of Drawer

This is our website, darn it, and I’ll be darned if I wasn’t going to share a God of War themed video I made here! If you like sock puppets and comedy, this one’s for you.

Bonus: Live Action God of War: Ascension

This trailer brought tears to my eyes. The casting, music, themes, EVERYTHING was perfect for this trailer. If you’ve played the series and know the history… prepare yourself