Difficulty settings in God of War will range from gentle to Dark Souls.

If you’re like me, you’re both hyped and wary about the upcoming God of War release. While I can’t tell you yet if the game itself is worth the hype, we have found out a little information on the difficulty settings.

The developers behind the new God of War (4?) have released the difficulty levels that will be available in the latest release on April 20th. Below are the difficulty settings and our interpretations of their descriptions:

Give me a story

This difficulty setting lets you experience all of the glory of the God of War story, without the challenge that comes with. We suggest this mode for grandma’s first time playing.

Give me a balanced experience

If you’re looking for a better balance between story and challenge, this could be considered your “normal” mode. You’ll have some challenge here, but nothing you can’t overcome.

Give me a challenge

This difficulty setting is geared at long-time action game players and seasoned God of War gamers. You’ll be challenged here, so we hope you’ve brushed up on your reaction time.

Give me God of War

You’d think this mode is the “As hard as any previous God of War title” difficulty mode, but you’d be wrong. In Give me God of War mode, Kratos is weaker, enemies are stronger, and the devs have even looked at enemy behavior and placement to make everything “as threatening as possible.” We suggest brushing up on your Bloodborne or Dark Souls gameplay before taking this difficulty setting on.

It’s hard to say whether we can expect greatness from this latest in the God of War franchises. A lot has been changed, and maybe for the better. The only way to know for sure is to check it out for ourselves. So stay tuned right here to YeahDude for our review of God of War shortly after it drops.

Happy gaming!