Sanic, Alexa the Ghost, and Cereal Adventures | Previously on This Week in Gaming

Hey. Welcome back to your news recap for This Week in Gaming. We really like keeping you informed, so go ahead and read some stuff from the week of November 25th through December 1st.


November’s Sonic Forces hit the gaming world hard and fast because it’s kind of a mixture of everybody’s favorite Sonic the Hedgehog video game things: classic sidescrolling, 3D levels, and… uh, fursonas. For the first time ever, you can make your very own character and customize their clothing. The creators of Sonic Forces (thankfully this time it’s Sonic Team and Sega) decided to pay homage to a 6-year old meme – Sanic the Hegehorg. Your character can receive a Sanic t-shirt that they can wear, and it’s awesome. We aren’t sure exactly how you can get this t-shirt, but we’re going to be playing the game very soon ourselves and will find out all the details.


There were a few items on the docket about Destiny 2 this week, which is a nice change. The first is that there’s a free trial of Destiny 2 going on for all you folks who haven’t had a chance to pick it up yet. It started last Tuesday and, as far as I can find, doesn’t have an end date. You’ll be able to play up to level 7, you can visit the European Dead Zone and Titan as well as hang out at the Farm. You can also play in competitive mode (quickplay only), and join clans and earn clan experience. Your progress will, as it should, carry over if you ever decide to purchase the game in the future and use that same account.

The second item of news for Destiny 2 is that apparently Amazon has made a new skill for their Disney’s Smart House Alexa, where you will be able to talk to Alexa and ask her “Alexa, ask Ghost what I should do next?” Ghost can manage your inventory, equip weapons and armor for you, and keep track of a ton of in-game stuff.

And you can now pre-order a Ghost speaker to go along with your Alexa. Oh, and it’s voiced by Nolan North. And it looks really fucking sick. It’s got a $90 pricetag, which honestly is not as bad as I would have expected, and according to its Amazon listing it will release December 19th. Go check out the listing here, and maybe pick one up for yourself. (If you do, let us know! We’d love to see how it goes.)


Kellogg’s and Nintendo have teamed up to make Super Mario Cereal, to promote Super Mario Odyssey. Odyssey is only one of the best-selling Nintendo games of all time, but, sure, it needs more promotion.

The cereal itself is very similar to Lucky Charms, but the cereal bits are shaped like stars and the marshmallows are shaped like 1UP Mushrooms, red mushrooms, and yellow ? blocks. According to the press release, the box will have some amiibo capabilities that, when used, will let Mario receive coins or a heart in the game.

We couldn’t find any specific stores that have said they’ll be carrying it, but considering Target’s history with Nintendo, it’s safe to say we’ll probably be able to find it there. It’s certainly the first place we’re going to look when the cereal hits stores next Monday, December 11th.


The latest ‘anniversary’ update of Final Fantasy 15 finally allows players to play as Ignus, Prompto and Gladiolus. Square Enix sent out a survey to its players earlier this year asking what they wanted to see in future updates, and it seems that Squeenix is choosing to take a little bit of everything and give it to the players. The patch notes are here, if you’re into that kind of thing. It doesn’t mention the addition of the newly playable characters, but I promise, that happened.


Playstation has announced the free games for Playstation Plus for this month, and here they are:


  • Darksiders 2: Deathinitive Edition, Kung Fu Panda: Showdown of Legendary Legends


  • Syberia Collection, Xblaze: Lost Memories


  • Forma.8, Wanted Corp

The free games begin today, December 5th. Get on it!

And here’s a PSA from us to you about how PS+ Games works: You are a Playstation Plus subscriber. You have access to free games every month on PS4, PS3 and the PS Vita. You can claim these free games to your account as soon as they become available, but you don’t have to download them. As long as they’re claimed to your account, you have access to them any time, even after that month is over. Any game you claim during its free month stays claimed in your account forever, as long as you have PS+. Even if you cancelled it for a while and subscribed again, your previously claimed games are still there waiting for you.

To recap, you can find our list of Xbox Live Games with Gold for December here.


This coming weekend is Playstation Experience, and the cast and crew of The Last of Us: Part 2 will be there having a panel to talk about the game, the story, and its development. Director Neil Druckermann, writer Halley Gross, and various members of the game’s voice cast will be there, though there’s been no announcement of who, exactly. We’re hoping that Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson will show to talk about what Joel and Ellie will be up to, but only time will tell.

There will also be an Uncharted panel on Saturday, December 9th at 5PM featuring some cast members and developers of the Uncharted series, so we’re going to check that out and see what they have to talk about.


You may not have heard of Fumito Ueda, and that’s okay. But you need to know that he’s important, because he was the director and lead designer of Ico, Shadow of the Colossus, and 2016’s The Last Guardian. He’s done some great work. And now the news has come out that his studio genDESIGN, led by him and joined by many members of Team Ico, is hiring… for a new project. This is unreasonably exciting because those three games have been iconic and wonderful experiences, and if they want to team up and make a new game, we are all for it.

Rough translation according to Google: “human resources recruitment website at genDESIGN for the next project was opened. I look forward to your participation in the game developer.”

Don’t forget that the new remaster of Shadow of the Colossus is coming to PS4 next February and we are so excited to fight those big Colossus boys again.

That was all for last week. It was a good news week, wasn’t it?

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