Build-a-Bowser and FREE Leaf Tickets | This Week in Gaming 12.15

Hey! It’s a cool week! Because some things happened in the video game world and we’re here to tell you all about what you missed on This Week in Gaming!


Capcom dropped a trailer for Monster Hunter: World at Playstation Experience two weekends ago. In the trailer, which you can watch here, Megaman made a cameo!

We’ve learned from the Monster Hunter: World Beta that if you’re playing the game with 2 or fewer people, you get a friendly companion named a Palico – a customizable cat friend. These Palicos, thanks to the Megaman fun stuff that’s been included in the game, can dress up in 8-bit style armor, consume energy tanks and eat sausages, which I guess is a Megaman thing. You’ll also be able to check out some Megaman tunes.

Monster Hunter: World releases to the world on January 26th for PS4 and Xbox One. Also, it’s fun to note that December 17th was Megaman’s 30th birthday. Happy birthday, Megaman!

[image: The Megaman Palico armor. Oh no. It’s so cute.]


On this episode of This Week in Gaming we reported that a January update would be coming to Pocket Camp that would allow players to have gardens and would also give us all the ability to craft our own clothing, finally.

Well, this past Sunday an update went live on Android and iOS to bring gardening to our Pocket Camps. The game will walk you through a tutorial, and give you some free seeds to get you started. It seems fairly straightforward.

Hopefully, clothes crafting will, truly, be arriving in January.

Check out this article we wrote recently containing some cool tips and tricks for Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp – like how to get free Leaf Tickets and Bells.


Hell. Yes. Finally, a Harry Potter game that might actually have good graphics.

A Harry Potter mobile RPG is being worked on by mobile game developer Jam City. You’ll be able to make a custom witch or wizard, go to classes, and even meet professors from the books. It might be safe to assume you’ll even choose your own wand and get sorted and such.

You can pre-register for the game now on The game will come out sometime in 2018.

[image: I mean… the graphics from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone on PC are like, impeccably good]


We reported in the December 8th episode of This Week in Gaming that Nintendo was going to bring upon the world a Super Mario Cereal, where the cereal was a weird cousin of Lucky Charms and the box had amiibo features. The cereal launched in stores on December 12, and tons of reviews came in… and… the cereal was basically just any other cereal with marshmallows in it. According to testers, it tasted just fine. The box’s amiibo function also gave Super Mario Odyssey players a Power Moon, and while we aren’t 100% sure what that does, it’s probably still pretty cool.

Since our latest episode of This Week in Gaming released, Super Mario Cereal is no longer on shelves. We’re sad that we didn’t get to try it for ourselves, but, who knows? Maybe Nintendo will release a Pokemon cereal one day.


A Nintendo collection at Build-a-Bear has been announced. You can get a Bowser ($35), Yoshi ($25.50), and tiny Toad ($10.50) Bears, and there’s also a Mario teddy bear that comes with Mario overalls and a Mario mustache which you can pick up for $28. There will also be a Luigi costume ($16), a Princess Peach costume ($16), and a Super Mario hoodie that are all wearable on any bear. This collection went live in real Build-a-Bear stores last weekend, and they are all available online as well.

[image: It’s-a me! Mario-AAAAAAA!!!!!]


Unsurprisingly, Pokemon Crystal will finally be joining Pokemon Red and Blue on the Nintendo eShop as a virtual game on January 26. It’ll be $9.99 at launch. You’ll be able to trade wirelessly with your friends, and the game will be compatible with the Pokebank.

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