You’ve Been Playing Animal Crossing Pocket Camp All Wrong

We’ve learned a couple of really cool Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp tips recently and tested them out. It seemed incredibly important that we share them with you.


Here’s a really fun way to get 50 free (FREE!) Leaf Tickets in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. You’re going to hit the little “more” button at the bottom right of the screen, then click “My Nintendo” at the bottom left.

[image: Look how cute I am!]

If your Nintendo account has been linked to your Pocket Camp, you’ll be able to see a Rewards tab and a Missions tab at the top of the screen. If you haven’t linked a Nintendo account yet, it’d be a good idea to get on that now.

Scroll down to the bottom of the Rewards tab and you’ll see “50 Leaf Tickets”. It’s completely free to collect this Reward.

[image: As you can see, I’ve already claimed my 50 free Leaf Tickets]
Tap on the Missions tab to see the various weekly Missions you can do – things like camper requests and linking your Twitter or Facebook accounts can give you Nintendo Points. Collect all these Points you’ve earned with the “Collect All” button at the top. You’ll probably end up with a couple hundred Points.

Go back to the Rewards tab and cash in those Points for various things – crafting tools like cotton, steel, preserves, etc. Or, for 100 Points, you can get 5,000 Bells. This is the one I chose to do a few times and now I’m just rolling in dough.


When you ask your friends for help getting into the Quarry, it can take a while to get enough people to click that Lend a Hand button; not everyone is playing Animal Crossing as obsessively as we are. But fear not – the Quarry doesn’t reset every few hours like the rest of the map, like I, and many others, once believed. It resets when the day resets (for us, that’s 1AM EST). It clearly says this at the top of the Quarry bubble, but I, and many others, have never noticed it.

This means you can wake up early in the morning, request your help from your friends (I usually hit up all of my friends just in case), and wait until you have the appropriate amount of helpers. I like to save the help for when the reward is really great, like Bells or candy canes.

Those are the most fun tips we’ve come across thus far, but we’ll keep you posted in case we stumble across any more. Don’t forget to add us all on Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp using our friend codes! You need that help to get into the Quarry, right?

[image: Proxy’s friend code: 63531708167]
[image: Cori’s friend code: 82794348398]
[image: My friend code: 34128853339]