Free Weekends, Free Salt, Free Us From Microtransactions | Previously on TWIG | Week of 11.17

Hey. Happy Tuesday. You want news? We’ve got news. Here’s last week’s This Week in Gaming rundown.


EA had established with Star Wars: Battlefront II that players would have to invest thousands of hours or hundreds of dollars into the game in the form of microtransactions in order to unlock everything Battlefront II has to offer. They did an AMA on Reddit that… didn’t go well for them. They realized, a little too late, that they needed to stop the microtransactions and figure out another way to handle things. It’s a very messy situation, and we honestly hope that Battlefront II can just be a game that you can play and have fun playing. That’s all anyone wants.

[image: A tweet from @EAStarWars]


Hitman, the hit game series, is going to become a live-action Hulu original series! There’s no word when this will be happening, but it’s looking promising – John Wick creator Derek Kolstad will be writing the pilot and executive producing the show. The writers want to keep the series “true to the mythology” of the Hitman series, so we’re hoping it turns out great. Io Interactive has also confirmed they’re working on a new game, but they don’t plan on making any statements about it until at least sometime in 2018. We’re keeping an eye out for that news. What’s important to us here at YeahDude is that they keep up with the tradition of Allan, please add details.

[image: The original Allan, please add details]


So a couple weeks ago, we reported about Gamestop’s new PowerPass rental program. Members would pay $60 for a 6-month subscription, be able to rent as many games as they wanted during that time (obviously, only one game at a time), and when the 6-month subscription was up, they’d be able to keep one of the games they had rented, totally for free.

Well… Gamestop has since changed the game. Due to concerns over their “aging computer systems” and “a few program limitations [they] have identified”, they are putting a pause on the PowerPass. Their concerns mostly have to do with the fact that their computers are older than an Ankylosaurus and might not be able to handle tracking so many rentals and accounts at any given time. The pause could be a permanent cancel, as Gamestop has not stated if they’re actually doing anything about their “aging computer systems”.

Some Gamestop locations had “soft launches” of the PowerPass rental program, and anyone who participated in it will have their $60 refunded and they will also be able to choose one pre-owned game to keep for free for their troubles.


Marvel Heroes Omega, the free-to-play action RPG, is shutting down by December 31, 2017. A sad day for anyone who was ever a big fan of the game.

[image: The official statement about Marvel Heroes Omega’s end]


I, rahzombie, got very salty about Skyrim in this episode of This Week in Gaming, and you should take a listen because it’s not as funny in a text format.

Skyrim launched for the Switch on Friday, and it looks and seems to play really great. When we end up picking up a Switch, we’re for sure going to pick it up so we can play with those motion controls.


Certain PS+ subscribers whose lives have been affected by the many disasters that happened this year (the hurricanse, tornadoes, fires, floods, earthquakes, et cetera) will receive one month’s subscription to PS+ for free. This offer obviously only stands if you were affected by these disasters and had been a PS+ subscriber already.


The internet lost its marbles when it was realized that the PS2 start-up screen shows you your saved data, in a way – half the internet’s mind was blown, and the other half thinks the first half are all idiots for not knowing. We think it’s a neat little thing for Sony to include, but check out our own article about it for more details.

[image: The Facebook post that started it all, showcasing four different PS2 startup screens]


There was a Playstation Plus free weekend this past weekend – sadly, it ended on Monday, so if you’re reading this, you already missed it.


There was also an Overwatch free weekend this past weekend! Which also ended on Monday. But the good news is they’ve already started their Black Friday sales, which is a really great deal, so if you’ve been wanting Overwatch at all for any platform, now is the time.

Also, hero number 26 has become playable – Moira. None of us have had a chance to get hands-on experience with Moira yet, but we know she’s a healer whose offensive skills are also something to not be trifled with. You can check out all her details over on her Gamepedia page.

[image: Moira, Overwatch’s 26th playable hero]

That was all for episode 32 of This Week in Gaming. You can listen to the podcast over on Youtube and Soundcloud every Saturday morning for the hottest weekly news.