Switch, Skyrim, Layoffs and The Broken Xbox | Previously on TWIG | Week of 11.10

Hello! It’s good to be back in the swing of things after our Extra Life weekend. Join me for some great news, would you?


A new TESV: Skyrim VR bundle has been announced for PSVR! It’ll be $449.99 and includes the newest version of the PSVR headset, the PS camera peripheral, 2 move controllers and 13 PSVR demos on some discs. It doesn’t come with a Playstation 4 system, of course, so… you’ll still have to find one of those if you don’t already have one but you super want this Skyrim bundle. The Skyrim VR itself comes with the full game and Skyrim’s 3 DLC – Dawnguard, Hearthfire and Dragonborn.

[image: Skyrim VR features a tunnel vision setting to decrease motion sickness!]


It hit the news last week that Playstation trophies will now be worth “points” that can be used toward discounts in the Playstation store. The general breakdown of this system is as such:

100 Silver trophies = 100 points
25 Gold trophies = 250 points
10 Platinum trophies = 1000 points
1000 points = $10 discount voucher in the Playstation store

You have to sign up for the Sony Rewards program and have your account linked before this will be in effect for you. Of course, the trophies you’ve been painstakingly collecting don’t count – only trophies you collect after signing up for the Sony Rewards program. Womp womp. This is still really cool, though, and we’re going to check it out. There are a bunch of other benefits to signing up, too, and tons of discounts you can earn.


The online multiplayer expansion for Final Fantasy 15, titled Comrades, will be available tomorrow, Wednesday November 15. This multiplayer campaign follows the main game’s 13th chapter. And we’ve heard it has a pretty great character creation system, including things like the-ability-to-play-as-a-lady-character and a Chocobo outfit! We’re excited for this, we’re going to be checking it out and throwing you a review soon enough.


In sad news, Telltale Games (known for their hit games, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, and The Wolf Among Us) will be laying off 25% of their workforce in an effort to restructure the company. 90 people will be affected by this, which really sucks. Telltale says the restructuring will allow them to focus on “fewer, but better, games”. Telltale promises the layoffs will not affect the release of their previously announced, ongoing projects like the Walking Dead series, Minecraft: Story Mode, or Guardians of the Galaxy. We wish the best to those 90 folks who were affected by the layoffs – we hope you all can find great jobs with a name like Telltale Games on your resume.

[image: Clementine from The Walking Dead. She’s sad about the news]


As of last Thursday, Hulu is now available on the Nintendo Switch! You can download it from the eShop. This is the first video streaming service available on the Switch in the US, so hopefully it paves the way for a few more streaming services so you all can watch Netflix in bed.


Nintendo says they will have 25 to 30 million units made in the next fiscal year (which begins April 2018). Those numbers could even increase if the 2017 holiday season is a success, which we think it will be. I know Nintendo wants there to be a Switch in every home… they just have to meet the current demand.


There’s another free weekend in Overwatch coming up! It’s this weekend! It starts Friday, November 17 (11PM PT) and ends Monday, November 20 (11:59PM PT) (click here and select “add ano to see what that is in your timezone!). The free weekend includes all 26 playable characters and 16 maps, includes the Quick Play, Custom, and Arcade modes, as well as loot boxes, but you won’t be able to play Competitive mode. As is true with every Overwatch free weekend, progress you make will always carry over and stay on your account until you purchase the game (or until another free weekend comes around!).


To preface: when games get release windows, there’s often a placeholder release date just so that our systems will know what to do – it’s often December 31 of the release year, otherwise things like the Playstation Store wouldn’t have any idea what’s going on.

When Kingdom Hearts 3 was announced to be released in 2018, it was given December 31, 2018 as a placeholder. The placeholder date has been updated to November 1, 2018. This is exciting news because it means, possibly, that Square Enix knows the game might actually be out by then. It could also mean that the game will actually be available for the 2018 holiday season. Who knows the truth! Not us. Not anyone, probably.


The Xbox One X released last Tuesday, which is very exciting for the thousands and thousands of people who waited for it with baited breath. But… tons of folks have been having massive issues since receiving it. Crashing, not turning on, weird error messages… et cetera. Twitter was not pretty for a while. It seems like people having the most issue were folks who got the Project Scorpio edition. The only thing affected customers can do is return the console under their warranty and hope it never happens again. It’s safe to say, by now, that if you haven’t had an issue with your new Xbox One X (or Project Scorpio edition), you probably won’t have any at all.


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