A look at indie developer Dennel Cake’s first game: Obsolete Souls (pre-release)

With the recent rise and success of indie games on the market, it’s no surprise that more and more game developers are looking to bring their dreams to life for others to enjoy.

This week I had the opportunity to sit down with a local indie game developer, Denzel Weatherspoon of Dennel Cake and a game development student at Fitchburg State University, to talk about his upcoming release: Obsolete Souls.

Weatherspoon has spent the last four years developing Obsolete Souls within RPG Maker and it’s nearly complete. I had a chance to go hands-on with the unfinished version of the game and here’s how things looked!


This super early version of Obsolete Souls handles like you would expect an RPG Maker game to handle when walking about towns and dungeons. There are certain pieces of dialogue that have voiced reactions, something that I really enjoyed and wasn’t expecting.

The battle system was easy to pick up and came with an interesting encounter system. With an RPG, the player usually has one of two ways to encounter monsters: random encounters and deliberate encounters. That is to say, random encounters where you can’t see monsters wandering around, but have a random chance to encounter enemies, and deliberate encounters, where you can see the enemies walking around and can avoid or engage them.

Obsolete Souls offers a unique option to avoid low-level encounters through a quick time action. Pressing a certain button when a particular encounter icon pops up offers a chance to skip that encounter, which is useful when you’re trying to get from point A to point B in a hurry.

There are some pretty interesting combat mechanics that can be unlocked as you level up, which promise to please long-time RPG enthusiasts.


A game’s graphics are always restricted, at least to some extent, by the engine it’s built in. In this case, Obsolete Souls looks exactly like you’d expect from an RPG Maker game.

At the time of my test play, Weatherspoon informed me that Dennel Cake has hired artists to work on the villager sprites and cut-scene animations that weren’t present in the version I was playing.


When it comes to old-school style RPG’s, there’s something about them that just pulls me in. I loved the little bit that I played of Obsolete Souls and am looking forward to its release early next year.

Obsolete Souls will be released for free, ideally on Steam, though no confirmation for a Steam release is available yet, and you just can’t go wrong with a free game!

Weatherspoon said he plans to make Obsolete Souls into a trilogy, but will be looking to make the second part in the Unity engine rather than RPG Maker.

You can bet that when Obsolete Souls launches, we’ll be on top of it for a more in-depth comprehensive review. Until then, I will fondly remember my time spent playing the early version and look forward to the full release!


Developer Dennel Cake has launched their official website where you can find out more about them and their games. Check it out HERE