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Hello. You’re looking great this morning. Is that a new shirt? It suits you. Oh, you want to hear our gaming news from our last episode of This Week in Gaming? You’re in luck. I’ve got it right here.


Gamestop has released an animated banner ad for Assassin’s Creed Origins that teases the game, but in a terrible way. The ad plays, and suddenly a gross camel face pops up, interrupting:

“Sorry. The bonus mission is blocked. Unless you pre-order Assassin’s Creed Origins.”

That’s quite a strange way to invite and encourage players to buy something. It’s very much like those paywalls for an online newspaper when it lets you read half of an article before blocking you out of it unless you buy a subscription. If the ad is a joke, it’s in incredibly poor taste – if Gamestop thinks that gatekeeping something is the way to go… we’re not sure if they quite know what “marketing” is.

[image: The Gamestop banner ad.]


Customers who preordered the SNES Classic through Amazon are out of luck. Most, if not all, of Amazon’s SNES Classic preorder customers have received an email that shipments of the console will be delayed, with no future delivery date in mind. The only good thing is that Amazon does not charge until the item ships (which, by the way, is how preorders work on Amazon for EVERYTHING.).

Many folks who preordered the SNES Classic are pinning the blame on Amazon’s Treasure Trucks – a vehicular storefront that opened its doors on September 29, and was selling SNES Classics to anyone who wanted one, even if they had not preordered one. Stores like Gamestop were being re-stocked with the SNES Classic as of Thursday October 12, so shop around. We hope you find one.

[image: Amazon’s Treasure Truck]


We’ve touched on Nintendo’s penchant for trademarks in the past. Well, now they’ve filed for a trademark for the Game Boy. Yes, the actual Game Boy. The trademark… parameters (we don’t know how trademarks work) include consoles, bags, makeup, clothing and keychains, and includes a very cartoony image of the system. Could it be a rekindling of the Game Boy? Or is Nintendo just protecting everything they possibly can?

[image: The Game Boy trademark image]


Mark Zuckerberg, co-founder and currently CEO of Facebook, is incredibly jazzed about where virtual reality is heading, saying “We’re setting a goal: we want to get a billion people in virtual reality.” He really wants to turn the world into Ready Player One, I guess.

Zuckerberg announced last Wednesday at Oculus Connect that they will be releasing a low-cost, standalone virtual reality headset in 2018 called the Oculus Go. It’ll be shipping in early 2018 for $199, which is about as low as the price for VR gets right now. Oculus said in their official announcement, it’s “the easiest way to experience VR”. Audio drivers are built right into the headset, which will make things more convenient for users, and most likely far more comfortable. We’re excited to get our hands on one and check it out.

[image: Mark Zuckerberg being eaten alive by a giant Oculus Go]


Well, we should really say Overwatch’s lack of a limit. Reddit user Treeboydave hit level 4000 in Overwatch last week. He has said his ultimate goal is to have 150 hours logged with each of the game’s 25 heroes. We did some math: 150 hours is 6.25 days. That’s literally almost a week’s worth of time spent on each character. Treeboydave has some dedication to Overwatch, and it’s respectable. Here’s Treeboydave’s reddit thread when he hit level 4000, in case you’re the type who likes proof.



We have talked about The Good Life almost every single week for the last few weeks in a row. Its time on the fundraising platform Fig finally ended last Thursday. Their goal was not met, and the game was not funded. Swery, the game’s creator, made a statement in a series of tweets Thursday about how he will not give up, and they will continue working on The Good Life. They will be bringing the game to Kickstarter before the end of 2017 and re-launch it on a new platform.

Hopefully, this will do the trick for them. Fig’s pledge/invest system was kind of shady, strange and unusual to most folks, and when The Good Life’s campaign first launched, the lowest pledge amount was $29. Hopefully, Swery has learned many lessons from this and can finally bring this game to life, because it really does look wonderful. We’ll be keeping updated on the status of that every week.

[image: The Good Life’s final tally.]


Yes, you read that right. Hulu, the popular internet television streaming service, will be producing four new esports shows. The new series are as follows:

Player V. Player, a gamified debate show; Bootcamp, a weekly documentary series following The Immortals, a CS:GO team, as they prepare for IEM Oakland; Defining Moments, which will cover some of esports history’s most impactful and memorable moments, and finally, ESL Replay, a condensed documentary-style show recapping the most memorable moments from some of the biggest esports tournaments in the world.

Check out ESL’s website’s article here for some more information.


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