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Oh, hello. Didn’t see you there. Do you want to read about the gaming news from last week? Cool, cool. We’ve got that right here for you.

[SNES-themed Skyrim fanart by reddit user sprecker1]


[image: the Super Nintendo Entertainment System: SNES… Classic Edition, with two controllers]
The SNES Classic released this past Friday, and people went buck wild for it. The SNES Classic is, essentially, the NES Classic (which was released last year) guts inside of the SNES Classic shell. It does look incredibly authentic, and very tiny. It came with two controllers (the NES Classic only came with one), and their cords are apparently “considerably longer” than the NES Classic’s. The controllers for these Classic consoles are backwards and forwards compatible with each other, but, of course, with the invent of fancy new buttons for the original SNES, some games will be a little wonky on each console. Reggie Fils-Aime, Nintendo of America president, urges consumers not to purchase the SNES Classic from scalpers or auction sites. Nintendo is confident that the stock of SNES Classics will be steady enough throughout this coming holiday season that everyone who wants one will be able to find one. We agree with him – save your money. Be patient. It’s okay.



[image: Link… riding… Thomas the Tank Engine]
So… Breath of the Wild is now a playable game on PC emulation, which I don’t think is entirely legal. But it sure has brought us some amazing things, like Link skins for CJ from GTA: San Andreas, Woody from Toy Story, and even… Waluigi. In the last few days, I’ve seen skins where certain enemies have been turned into Shrek… I mean, sometimes the internet is a wonderful place. Check out the videos linked here if you need a good laugh.



iOS 11 has released, which means that apps are breaking left and right, unprepared for the updates and what they might alter. Discord, a channel-based voice-and-text chatting app, is one of these. Since the iOS 11 update, it’s been crashing like crazy, generally not working up to par, and the speaker during voice chat hasn’t been working. Discord tech support is aware of the issue and have been working hard to fix it. Meanwhile, you can follow them on twitter to get some great gems like this:

[image: @discordapp on Twitter: “Ketchup is a sauce”]


Here are the coming October games if you’re an Xbox Games with Gold member:

Xbox One: Gone Home (available 10/01-10/31), The Turing Test (10/16-11/15)

Xbox 360: Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc (10/01-10/15), Medal of Honor: Airborne (10/16-10/31)



And here are the games you can get this month if you’re a Playstation Plus subscriber like us.

PS4: Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain, Amnesia: Collection (Dark Descent, Justine, Machine for Pigs) (just in time for Halloween!)

[image: The spooooooky scary enemy from the Amnesia series]
PS Vita: Hue, Sky Force Anniversary

PS3: Monster Jam Battlegrounds, Hustle Kings

These games will be FREE for PS+ subscribers from October 5 (this coming Thursday) until Thursday, November 2. September’s games will still be available until October 5 (presumably at 11:59 on 10/04, if we’re being specific).



[image: The wooden-paneled version of the Ataribox]
Ooh, y’all. The Ataribox. More details have been announced about the famous Ataribox, coming from the actual Atari company. The Ataribox will be a Linux-powered machine, coming preloaded with tons of classic Atari games, as well as some new titles. Atari says it will be a “full PC experience for the TV”. The Ataribox will be like most consoles are these days – it will play video games, run TV streaming services, have an internet browser, and a handful of other features that haven’t been specified yet. The Ataribox will launch on Indiegogo sometime soon, will cost somewhere between $249 and $299, and is expected to ship out late Spring 2018.



Skyrim Special Edition now has Creation Club (here’s some more information on what that is, in case you missed it) and with Creation Club has come Survival Mode. Yeah, you read that right. Survival Mode won’t just be a difficulty option like it has been for so many of Bethesda’s past games – it’s now going to be a pay-for option. Survival Mode will be free for the first week (and if you acquire it during that first week, you keep it for free forever), but if you miss that window of opportunity, you will have to pay some amount of Creation Club credits for it. Survival Mode will take advantage of Skyrim’s wild landscape, and will implement the weather completely – cold, warmth, hunger, disease, sickness and fatigue. To make it tougher, fast travel will be disabled, and you will only be able to travel by horseback or by carriage. Survival Mode is in beta on PC now, but is expected to release for Xbox One and PS4 sometime early this month. (editor’s note: some articles and videos I found when I googled “hey, how do I access Creation Club on PS4?” led me to believe that Creation Club was already available for Skyrim Special Edition on PS4 – it appears that this is not the case. I honestly wish I knew what in the world was going on with Bethesda. I apologize for any confusion I’m causing anyone – I assure you, I am also confused.)

Also, check out the Red Dead Redemption 2 trailer, which came out last week. It confirms that Red Dead 2 is a prequel to the first game. Neat! Red Dead Redemption 2 is expected to release sometime in Spring 2018.

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