Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp – What we know and what might be

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp looks like the mobile social experience that today’s mobile gamer is looking for. Let’s take a look at some of the discussed features, as well as some speculation!

In case you missed it, here’s the Nintendo Direct broadcast:


Crafting seems to be a central focus in the preview of Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. As you do favors for your neighbors, you get bells (the typical AC in-game currency) as well as materials and you can exchange materials for things like furniture and camp site upgrades.

From the Nintendo Direct preview, doing favors for your fellow campers brings in a decent balance of materials and bells. As you upgrade your camp site, other campers become your friend. Which brings us to the next feature:

{Friendship Level}

This function feels like it’s straight out of a Persona game, but promises to add depth to your social connections. As you add furniture that your neighbors like, and do favors for them, your friendship level increases. We’re not sure exactly what that will open up for your social options, but here’s hoping for that Animal Crossing dating experience that we know you’ve all been craving!


True to the Animal Crossing franchise, the time of day in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp runs in real-time. That means, if you log on in the morning, its morning in-game. Log on at night, and it’s dark out! Because of this, Nintendo has also announced that we will see seasonal events happening in-game!

One drawback: building things in your camp takes actual time from start to finish. The example Nintendo used was of building a swimming pool, which would take 72 hours real-time in the game.

Now, you CAN shorten the length of time it takes to build things with Leaf Tickets, but…


Yeah, we couldn’t have a mobile game without those dreaded micro-transactions. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp at least seems to be using them for things that can otherwise be obtained in-game, but buying Leaf Tickets could seriously cut the curve for some players.

Granted, it’s not a battle game where you face off against your friends, so, aside from saving some time, it is hard to say that there is any real benefit to paying actual money.

{Things To Do}

Happily, many of the core mechanics from the Animal Crossing series have been kept in this mobile version. You can:

  • Pick Fruit
  • Catch Bugs
  • Go Fishing
  • Slap rocks around with your shovel to mine for minerals
  • Customize your camper

Oh, and did we forget to mention, THERE’S A HECKIN’ FISHING NET! The days of catching one fish at a time are a thing of the past at last!

Of course, all of these activities are also used to collect things for your neighbors to exchange for building materials as well.


At last we can talk about how Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is handling social interactions. Similar to the functionality of the Nintendo 3DS (and 2DS) you can exchange friend codes with your real-world friends to add them to your game. That will allow you to:

  • Visit their camp site for some inspiration
  • Allow them to visit your camp site
  • Use your bells to buy things from them

And who knows, maybe they’ll bring the question and answer segment over from Miitomo to add some more interaction with your friends (though, that’s a speculation on our part).


One of the biggest features from the trailer that wasn’t mentioned was the video camera button on the upper-right side of the screen. This could possibly suggest that you’ll be able to record video of your game to share with friends on social media. Based on Miitomo’s integration with social media, it’s not far-fetched to think that Nintendo would want to allow their players to share their experiences with others. It is supposed to be a social experience, after all.

Over all, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp looks like a promising addition to your smart device’s gaming arsenal. Be sure to stay tuned to YeahDude for updates and a hands-on review upon launch.