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Fancy meeting you here. You must love to consume gaming media. Us, too. Here’s the round-up of what happened last week.

GOLF (1984)

[image: NES Golf. Dear god.]
Last weekend, a data miner found a hidden folder inside their Nintendo Switch labeled “flog”. When they were able to get it open, they discovered that inside the folder was an NES emulator and a single game – Golf, from 1984. Golf was not a great game, and possibly was not even a good game, but discovering this hidden gem inside the programming of a Nintendo Switch was probably very exciting. Golf was completely compatible with the Joycons, as well, which kind of leads us to believe there may be more hidden games that we have to find… and if this is legitimate, the NES emulator can’t have been put there on accident. Of course, this is all a little bit of hearsay – no one can recreate these steps to find the “flog” folder.

Speaking of datamining, Pokemon Gold & Silver released for the 3DS last week for $9.99 each. They’re part of the Virtual Console service. You can check out some more games for this Virtual Console here. The interesting thing a dataminer found… is that there may be a “slot” on this virtual console for fan-favorite game, Pokemon Crystal. Hopefully we’ll find out more about that soon, because fans are drooling for it to show up on their 3DS. You can pick up Pokemon Gold here, and Pokemon Silver here, for $9.99 each on the eShop. Wonderful.


The Overwatch League debut season will start January 10 and will last until June, with playoffs in July. Pre-season exhibition matches start December 6th of this year.


Toxic and abusive Overwatch players on Xbox One will now be muted during matches, and will have an “Avoid Me” badge next to their gamertag. They can still participate in matchmaking, and aren’t being prevented from playing the game, but they won’t be able to verbally harass other players anymore. This is a good step, a step in the right direction for how to handle abuse and harassment within the online gaming circles. This feature has not been implemented on PS4 yet, but we’re hoping it will happen soon enough.


[image: A father and son, finding each other’s characters, playing on two different consoles]
I’d never heard of the game Fortnite before I heard this news, and now that I’ve heard of it, it seems pretty cool. Last weekend, there was, very briefly, cross-platform play between PS4 Fortnite players and Xbox One Fortnite players. A kid and his dad sat side-by-side on their respective consoles and found each other’s characters, just to prove it. The developer of Fortnite, Epic, has stated “We had a configuration issue and it has now been corrected”. Sony has been resistant to cross-platform play for years – as long as online gaming has been a thing. It seems like making this possible is as easy as flipping a switch… and Sony would like that switch to stay in the Off position. The attention this brought might change their minds in the future.


[image: Final Fantasy 9 screenshot. It’s… a little hard to look at.]
It was announced at Tokyo Game Show this year that Final Fantasy 9 would be re-releasing for the PS4! Not being remastered, but re-released, although I am fairly certain some character sprites have been touched up and sharpened a bit. FF9 is available on the Playstation Store in Japan – no news about if it’s coming to the US.


Capcom announced last week that Monster Hunter: World will be released for PS4 and Xbox One on January 26, 2018. There’ll be a Digital Deluxe Edition for $69.99 and a Collector’s Edition for $149.99. Japan will be getting a Monster Hunter: World themed PS4, which looks REALLY freakin’ cool. Our very own captain of the ship, Proxy, is incredibly excited for Monster Hunter: World, and I’m sure we’ll be bringing you reviews of it soon after its release.

[image: Japan’s Monster Hunter: World themed PS4]


[image: A sad giraffe. … Get it?]
Toys R Us has filed for bankruptcy. This is sad news for folks like me, whose childhood was spent roaming around Toys R Us just touching stuff and then leaving. All 1,600 stores in the world will remain open, business as usual, and Toys R Us has confirmed that this will not affect their shipments of the SNES Classic (which releases Friday, September 29).


A new trailer released for the new and improved Shadow of the Colossus. The game will be a full, 100% remake down to its barebones, done by the same team who remastered it for the PS3, Bluepoint. Bluepoint also remastered the Nathan Drake Collection for PS4, and having recently played a couple of those games, I can honestly say I have a lot of faith in Bluepoint’s work. Shadow of the Colossus is going to be amazing. Go check out the trailer, because any image I put here wouldn’t be good enough.


Xbox One X preorders are now open at most of the major retailers (Amazon, Best Buy, etc). The system launches at $499 on November 7. Over 130 games are planned to be released with enhancements for the Xbox One X.


[image: Chet Faliszek]
Back in May, on the This Week in Gaming podcast, we covered that Chet Faliszek was leaving Valve to pursue… well, we’re not sure, but probably to pursue other opportunities. It was announced last Monday that Bossa Studios – the people behind I Am Bread and Surgeon Simulator, have hired Chet, and he will be running Bossa’s new Seattle-based studio. He said on Twitter that they will be working on “an unannounced PC action co-op game trying to do something new in the narrative space using AI”. That’s quite a mouthful, but as Chet was once the writer for the best Valve games (such as Half Life 2, Portal, Portal 2, Left 4 Dead, and Left 4 Dead 2), we have faith that whatever he comes up with is gonna be great.


[image: Super Mario 64 Online]
It was a good week for Super Mario 64 Online, but now it’s gone. Gone, but not forgotten. Unfortunately, the creator’s Patreon, which had nothing to do with the mods he created, has also been taken down. Nintendo made a statement to Polygon:

“Nintendo’s broad library of characters, products, and brands are enjoyed by people around the world, and we appreciate the passion of our fans. But just as Nintendo respects the intellectual property rights of others, we must also protect our own characters, trademarks and other content.”


The new Resident Evil 7: Biohazard DLC, Not A Hero, had a trailer drop at Tokyo Game Show. Chris Redfield, fan favorite, will be fighting zombies and other monsters that will be a bit different from the enemies that Ethan faced in the Resident Evil 7 main story.

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