Xbox One to change home button functionality.

Some welcome changes.

Microsoft announced some changes coming to Windows 10 and the Xbox One. One of which is the functionality of the Home button on your controllers. Currently tapping the button brings you to the Xbox Dashboard, and a double tap will open the snap menu.

Well that’s all being reversed. Microsoft hopes it will improve ease of use when it comes to using the game DVR for example, or looking to see which friends are online. Also there will be easier use of the aforementioned DVR, being able to control more right from the snap menu. Cortana is getting some changes along with this update as well, increasing her use on your system.

Not all are happy.

Minor backlash seen on Reddit and a few other sites stated that the home function was great for gamers who are parents and need to do a quick pause of the game on games that don’t pause on their own. Going home sometimes will force these games to pause. Now the double tap will bring you home so it remains to be seen if this will force pause games.

When can I expect these changes?

No word yet on when these updates are coming so when we know, you’ll know.

From your Xboxpert here at Yeahdude Gamers.