Super Retro Boy

The dream of the 80’s and 90’s is alive

Those of us that were alive around the advent of home console and handheld gaming no doubt have a love for retro games. We talk about kids growing up these days, how they’ll never understand what it was to play a handheld with an external light to see the screen. They don’t need cables to trade Pokemon. And they may never know of games with better stories than graphics.

Great news Dudes and Lady Dudes, the Super Retro Boy is coming! Made by Retro-bit, a company thriving in making new hardware for classic cartridge games, is releasing a new handheld modeled after the Nintendo Gameboy. The Super Retro Boy boasts a rechargeable battery with a play life of about 10 hours. It has the ability to play Gameboy, Gameboy Color, and Gameboy Advance cartridges, and… wait for it… a back-lit screen! That’s right, there may be no fixing your bad eyesight from those childhood years, but now you can see what it would have been like to play your games with a back-lit screen (unless you already played them on the Gameboy adapter for GameCube… or the Gameboy Advance SP, that is)!

When Can I get one?

The system is rumored to be releasing in August of this year (2017) with a price tag around $80. The design isn’t quite an exact replica of the classic Gameboy, since that would likely land the manufacturer in court with Nintendo, but it does have that satisfying, retro, gray brick look to it. Unfortunately, for those looking to relive the glory days with classic Pokemon games like Red and Blue, we may be left with only a partial experience, as the Super Retro Boy doesn’t appear to have a port for a trade cable. Perhaps it’s something they will build into the system, or perhaps it’s wasn’t deemed that crucial for the system’s success.

Either way, the Super Retro Boy looks like a fun reunion with childhood for many of us. You can see more products from Retro-Bit at their website and be sure to follow YeahDude on social media for updates and live broadcasts for all your gaming needs!