Mutant vs Mt. Dew?

Mt. Dew has long established itself in the market place as the soft drink of choice for gamers of all types, but Monster is looking to challenge the throne with their new “Super Soda” simply named “Mutant.”

Being a producer of one of the most popular energy drinks and a sponsor of extreme sports athletes, Monster already has a pretty firm grasp in the world of energy drinks, but will that knowledge and branding help them as they push into the land of high-energy soda? With their first two flavors – one untitled and the other labeled “red dawn” – they seem to be directly calling out Mt. Dew’s two most popular flavors: classic and Code Red.


In the world of label design, Mutant has too much going on to be considered minimalist, but not enough going on to really be any sort of artistic style. That leaves it in a strange valley of labeling reserved for drinks such as Dr. Thunder and Mountain Lightning. Our suggestion: Drop the “Super Soda” slogan and leave the black label with just the word “Mutant” in the stencil font that it’s in. Overall it is a great concept, but it does feel very off-brand.

Concerning taste, the original green Mutant has a citrus kick like a Chuck Norris round-house, which is great if you’re super into citrus and other drinks just can’t Dew it for ya. Red Dawn, besides having a bad-ass name (possibly referencing the 1984 film starring Patrick Swayze), leaves a lot to be desired. It has a slightly more red citrus taste (yes, you can TASTE the red in this drink) than Mt. Dew’s Code Red, but isn’t terrible. Both flavors lack that certain…aftertaste that regular Monster Energy drinks leave in your mouth, the one that is an acquired taste for many, which gives it a good shot as a soda in general.

When it comes to heart-pumping caffeine, Mutant surely got the upper hand when compared to the Dew as seen below.

Caffeine Content (per 20 oz.):

Mt. Dew: 90mg

Mutant: 115mg

Mutant also has a lower Sodium and Total Carb count when compared directly to the classic Dew, as well as boasting 100% of the daily recommended value of vitamins B3 and B6, vitamins that promote cellular energy production and function, something that doesn’t show on the nutrition facts for Dew.

As a soft drink, it certainly has potential, but it’s doubtful that Mutant will ever take the place of Mt. Dew in the market or the hearts of gamers around the country. We’ll just have to see where this super soda goes from here (perhaps they would be willing to sponsor gamers like the ones that write for YeahDude… huh… HUH… *looking at you Monster, give us a call*).

You don’t have to take our word for it. I was able to pick these up at Mr. Mikes in Gardner, MA. Give them a try and let us know what you think.