Battlefield 1 Review

By: Nicholas Velillari

Platform: PS4
October 19, 2016

Battlefield 1 is the new first person shooter released by EA and Dice and is the sequel/prequel to Battlefield 4.

With most shooters sticking with a futuristic/modern setting, BF1 is doing things differently by going back in time, specifically focusing on the late World War 1 era.

The main draw to Battlefield games are their multiplayer and in BF1 the multiplayer is arguably the best its been since Battlefield 3. At initial launch, there are currently six modes to play: Conquest, Rush, Team Death-match, Domination, and two new modes called War Pigeons and Operations.
Conquest is still the classic 64 player mode, but with a new points system implemented along with draining the enemy teams reinforcements. Domination is still good for 32 player action for those looking to steer clear of the 64 player chaos. Rush is still a decent attack/defend struggle, (this time over telegraph positions instead of M-COM stations), but its unfortunately been limited to 24 players. Not only that, but its overshadowed by the new game mode, Operations.

Operations is a 40-64 player mode that pits an attacking team against a defending team. The attackers have to capture zones and push the defenders across the map. If they succeed without losing all of their reinforcements, the game then switches to another map where they have to attack again. If the defenders cant hold out on the 2-3 map sets, then they lose. However, the attackers have 3 battalions (150 reinforcements each) to attack. Should they lose once, they’ll get a helping hand from one of the behemoths. Whether it be an airship, a dreadnought battleship, or an armored train. The game mode is extremely addictive and it actually feels like you’re part of a front line war-zone.

The map design is also unique and diverse. They range from Sinai Desert, a massive middle eastern location featuring sand dunes and central village, to Argonne Forest, a small infantry focused map littered with trenches. Each map has a well designed shape of pathing and its very refreshing. Much better than the symmetrical shape that BF4 maps relied on.

BF1 does feature a single player campaign, even though Battlefield hasn’t been known for strong single player experiences. However its presented as an anthology of war stories that you can play in whichever order you chose. The stories are centered around the struggle of soldiers emotions and how they experience the war around them. The two strongest are Through Mud and Blood, a story of a dysfunctional tank crew learning to overcome their differences, and Friends in High Places, a tale of two pilots fighting over the front-lines in France. The other stories don’t really pack the emotional heft that the other two have, particularly Avanti Savoia! Its only two missions long and feels like a dull shooting gallery in the Italian mountains. But there is some replay ability with the first two stories for those looking for a fun single player experience.

Overall, Battlefield 1 is a multiplayer shooter first, and a campaign second, but that’s the trend the series has had for the last few games. The WW1 theme is spot on and the graphics and sound quality are the best theyve ever been. A must play for fans of the series.

Score: 9.5 out of 10
Pros: Fantastic multiplayer, amazing visuals and sound quality.
Cons: Single player falls flat at certain missions.