Living in the Past

A gamer always wants to be on top of the mountain of never ending new products that are constantly thrown at them. New systems, new games, new accessories for said systems, new versions of new systems, it’s tiring when you look at the big picture. When a gamer gets a new system for example they begin to plan out the next few purchases, which game are they going to get first?

Which games are coming out and which ones are the most important because we all know that funds are not as infinite as the stream of technology. It is an amazing feeling to delve into a new world as either a new acquaintance or an old friend ready to explore, ready to fight, ready to race, or ready to just relax sometimes. You want in tandem to both rush through the game and get to the next new adventure as much as you want to take your time and really enjoy the experience. It is a life like no other.

Within the last year I acquired an Xbox One, or an Xbone as I like to refer to it as. My first purchase was the Master Chief Collection, I was so pumped to play an HD remaster of Halo 2. I quickly picked up Assassin’s Creed: Unity, and Diablo 3 RoS as well. I made sure to take advantage of a few of the free games online that come along with Games with Gold also. I was so happy that once again I was keeping up the best I could with the advances in the gaming industry. Unfortunately for me, this was a short lived experience.

Within the last few months, due to some unforeseen circumstances my Xbone broke, it took a fall and the top part of the case came off the base. For those of you who do not know, there are seals inside of the Xbone like there was on the 360 on the inside of the case that once they are broken, customer service claims it was tampered with and will not fix the system, well this is the predicament I am currently in. Handful of new games, even some still wrapped in plastic that were recent preorders and no system to play them on. I could write another entire article on how frustrating it is to have a game I have been waiting years to play sitting on a shelf in front of me with no way to play it.

After a couple of weeks of sulking and being angry I decided to start using my 360 for more than just Netflix and DVDs. I have a decent collection of games for it, some of which I had only just started playing before stopping. I reconnected with worlds that I have not completely forgotten but had become dim in my memory. I started really getting into GTA V, which for someone like me seems like a silly game to get into but I really loved the stories in Vice City, and San Andreas. The story in GTA V really hooked me now that I started to actually play it, before I had only messed around in the game because I knew I had newer games to play. I started very recently playing Borderlands 2 again because a friend of mine had mentioned he also started to replay the game. I had forgotten how much fun a game with so little sense to it can be. Just the sheer ridiculousness of both games. In both GTA and Borderlands the insane (sometimes literally) characters and their actions. In Borderlands the sheer craziness of the guns, I mean in how many other games can you have a shotgun that shoots 3 huge fireballs that explode on contact lighting your enemies on fire?

I had been bummed that my only system was an Xbox 360 for a while before I realized living in the past was not such a bad thing. I had discovered things in Skyrim that I had never done before with any of the many of characters I had created. There were missions in Borderlands that I had missed because I thought they were frivolous but they lead to some great new memories and some good laughs. I had rekindled my love of playing through 16th century Rome as Ezio, and playing through the colonies as Connor. There were games that I had gotten so deep in the story line it hurt when characters were killed, I replayed those games, so I could relish in how well the story was written and how involved I had been. I played the only racing game I owned for the system because sometimes it is fun to not have to worry about a storyline and just play for the sake of playing.

My point is do not forget your older games, cherish them. Each game we play shapes the way we play and what we play even when we do not realize it. Did you recently play a game in a franchise that just was not what you were expecting? Go back and play the ones you loved again, you may find new hope for what you thought was poor before. Each world we jump into leaves a small part of it within each of us when we connect with it. Each game becomes another chapter in our own stories. Each character we learn to love or hate sticks with us. Even if you have the newest systems and the newest games just give yourself a day to go back and enjoy all the games you played before. Every game has replay value if you put that value in the game yourself, do not expect the team behind the game to give it value specifically to you, that is your own adventure to embrace and make yours. Be thankful for all the games you have played and all the games you will play. Stay safe out there friends, and game on.