YeahDude Gamers and Extra Life

Hello everyone! ProxyFox here with another update for you! It’s been almost a month now since school started up full time and I’ve been learning a lot of new things when it comes to video production and mass media. Recently my mass media class has felt more like “Video Games 101” because so much of our modern media can be found in games. The rich storytelling, player choice, interactivity, and not to mention the great industry that gaming has created are just a few of the topics we’ve covered so far. As part of a project a week back we formed groups and each covered different aspects of the video game industry and one group greatly inspired me!

One of the group presentations included a list of charitable foundations that help raise awareness and funding for great causes through the use of gaming. One such organization is Extra Life ( The concept is simple: Upon making an account a participant will get their own page for people to make donations. The catch is simple: participants must agree to spend 24-hours playing video games. National game day is November 7th and we here at YeahDude Gamers couldn’t possibly be more excited! We have started the YeahDude Gamers team through Extra Life and will soon have all our members accounted for. We are setting a steep donation goal of $2,000 of which 100% will be donated as “un-restricted” funding to Boston Children’s Hospital (being that we are all Massachusetts residents, but also because Fallout 4 is coming soon and why not tie that in!). Please check out the site and take a look around, it’s a great cause and from my understanding you can even get some cool stuff!

YeahDude Gamers will be upgrading our donation tier from Classic to Platinum as soon as we get our affairs in order and the link to our page directly will be shared not only here on our website, but also on our Facebook fan page ( and my personal Twitter (@ProxyFox). We are going to look into setting up a Twitch account to stream SOME of the action on game day if possible, but at very least we will have tweets throughout the day as well as Facebook page posts, and we should have a super awesome photo gallery to post up after the event as well!

We hope that you guys will be able to help us out and can’t wait to get back to uploading content for you guys (seriously, I miss having the time to put things together). Stay tuned for more updates!

Game on!