Time to reset!

Greetings fellow gamers, Proxy Fox here with an update for YeahDude Gamers across the board! For those of you that are new here let me give you a little history (anyone that’s been here for a while can feel free to skip this paragraph).

Back in late 2014 DemonX and myself started up a YouTube channel named YeahDude Gamers as a means of making goofy videos and doing all things related to gaming! It was super awesome and it gave me (Proxy) some time to learn video editing, production, marketing and networking, and it gave me a great chance to meet a lot of really awesome people while getting to learn new things along the way (Shoutout to StaticCrowbar, Catharciss, Jonathan Crow, Digital Dame, and Rachel Noel, just to name a few of the awesome people I’ve met through Twitter). It wasn’t too long after the initial startup that things started to weigh on me as our ambitions for the channel grew bigger and free time was restricted by full time work.

Up until now we have been working on putting out videos for our Fatal Frame series, adding goofy bits here and there, I’ve done a couple of vlogs as well as a few collaborations with other gaming channels. We’ve started up a Facebook fan page where I was posting daily game-related images that I enjoyed and I’ve been trying to keep up with all of the awesome new friends I’ve made along the way. Needless to say it’s been a bit overwhelming and now I’m going to be starting up college full time as well in September. As such a slight re-structuring (a reset, if you will) is going to be taking place over the month of August.

So what does this mean for the YeahDude Gamers?

This means that we are expanding, bringing on new people that you’ll see coming into our content in the near future. Facebook fan page posts will be reduced from daily to weekly looking to deliver content a bit more our own and hopefully giving us a chance to get closer and interact more with our growing fan base, because you guys are seriously awesome! Website updates will also be rolling out weekly as I get my head around web development and how our website should be structured.  Video uploads and editing may start to be fewer as college starts back up due to time restraints, but there is good news!

Proxy’s return to college is in pursuit of an Associates Degree in Media with a focus on Video Productions, meaning that the quality of our channel’s videos will be able to take a drastic up swing over school breaks, which we are extremely excited for! When it comes right down to it, we started the channel and the brand as a way to share our love and passion for video games with the world and we believe that steadying our sights on the future and working to improve the content that we deliver to you will help us to do just that!

Long winded explanation out of the way, stay tuned for more updates and game related content as we continue to grow and expand. Wish me luck as I return to school and work to make our content even better! We can’t wait to finally show you guys what we want to create! As always, thanks for reading and Game On!